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Jeremiah Moore Brings Awareness and Talent to the Table with his Debut Single "BLM"

19-year-old Jeremiah Moore is an Afro-Latin American Singer and Songwriter reigning from Brooklyn, New York.

His love for music harkens back to his gospel roots and choir days of singing in church. At the age of 15, amid difficult adolescence on the streets of New York, Jeremiah Moore decided to make a change for the better and found an escape by creating music.

Using the passion behind vocals and guitar skills, his music conveys love, hope, motivation, and empowerment. His debut single “BLM” stays true to his mission as he touches on the cold hard reality of the difficulties that the world has been facing for time.

“BLM” instantly pulls you into the earnest embrace of the instrumentation as it addresses the current state and welfare of the world as we know it. Through the decadent guitar licks and resonant harmonies, Jeremiah Moore dives deep into his raw authenticity and vulnerability as he aims to capture the hearts and minds of listeners from far and wide. “My life matters, your life matters, our lives matters,” is the memorable pre-chorus that surges through your speakers as chills spill down your spine, taking in the song at its finest moments.

In the triumphant chorus that drips in pop flavor, the message that Jeremiah Moore is conveying brings unity and inclusivity that you can hear as he sheds every last drop of undeniable burning passion in the execution of his powerful lyrics.

The entire composition brings light to worldly matters and inspires you to get more involved in every which way you possibly can. With the captivating presence of the whole “BLM” record, it acts as a constant reminder to do the best we can to bring justice as we come together in harmony to make a difference.

Listen to "BLM" here.

You managed to make this record a hit with both a powerful message and captivating essence. What inspired the theme of the instrumentation when creating “BLM”?

Well, originally It started off as just a melody in my head. I had no idea what I was going to write about. From there I went to work on the guitar and laid out the basic melody for the song. Am F G E It almost felt Spanish. It had an intensity and flare, that I really enjoyed and wanted to explore further. I tried writing a few Spanish lyrics and singing something about love or heartbreak but something just wasn't connecting. I wanted this song to be different. I wanted it to be meaningful and purposeful. There was so much police brutality in the media at the time, and everyone was in a state of rage and panic. Thus came the idea of BLM.

How different was your creative process when crafting this record versus other songs you have created?

Normally I write all my songs completely on my own, however, with BLM I was able to craft it alongside the brilliant Christian Dupree, who has been a mentor of mine since I first started my journey in music. He has had years of professional experience with music, production, songwriting, etc. Which I am not skilled in. With his help, we were able to structure this song carefully and methodically and essentially create a hit.

What non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the way you create?

When I create, my utmost intention for the listener is to feel the emotions that I am conveying. I'm inspired by people with every day lives, who work to create a better future for themselves and their families. I'm inspired by impacting change in the lives of others. I truly want my music to make a difference for people and I'm always aware of that when I'm writing. I have never written a song just to write a song. Everything is intentional.

How long did it take you to record a record of this caliber? Could you please take us into what the recording session looked like?

Well from the time I wrote the song, until the time it was completely finished, took about 4 months. Recording it was the easiest part, I went in the studio, played the instrumental for the track with my guitar, which I then laid down my vocals over that, added some harmonies, ad-libs, and a few guitar riffs, and that was the foundation of the production. We had a few musician friends come through and play over the track, adding that extra needed space. After that it was mixed, and in no time at all we sent the track over to our buddies Mike and Nick Squillante where they put the finishing touches on it and mastered the song, creating what you now know to be BLM.

Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of the year? What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

As of right now, BLM is the only release for 2020, we really want to push this as far as it can go, and hopefully, take it to new heights. Listeners of BLM should stay tuned for more content on my social media platforms, I'm always updating my followers on my events and shows so if they haven't already, make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.


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