JeremY Caesar Prepares For His New Release, “Bleed”

While Alabama's artist JeremY Caesar was gifted in more than one field and played football, he felt that music was his favorite form of self-expression. JeremY is known for his blend of Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, and Punk, incorporating them all into his unique style, creating music that's therapeutic for both the listener and himself.

Kanye West and Jimi Hendrix are among JeremY's biggest influences. He finds peace in nature as well, which can also serve as an inspiration. Since 2015 he has been working on his individual sound, perfecting his musical personality with drive and talent. Aiming for the Grammys in the near future, JeremY Caesar is an artist to keep an eye on.

JeremY's electric vocals are the heart of his new, energetic, mind-boggling record, "Bleed." The raw lyrics and vivid pictures take you on a journey into the mind of JeremY Caesar, keeping you moving from the jump. We instantly receive and intake the energy brought across in "Bleed," as if we were experiencing the raw emotions first-hand.

JeremY ignited this record with his electrifying verses and raw vocals, creating anticipation and an epic atmosphere to experience. The production on "Bleed" help drive this record's energy off the charts with its heavy, addictive bassline keeping you glued to the sound.

Stay tuned for the full article and interview with the jaw-dropping and electrifying, JeremY Caesar soon.