Jeremy Remond Speaks His Truth In “Lord Help” (Feat. Annie Miller)

Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, Jeremy Remond is here to change the hip-hop music scene. His musing metaphors, effortless lyrical flow and intricate story-telling proves that he is here to stay. Remond carries the struggles and tribulations of an artist discovering himself and the world around him. Through his music, he speaks of rough times in his hometown and tales of self-doubt while breaking poverty en route of pursuing his purpose. Dropping multiple singles on his way, Jeremy Remond will be releasing his debut EP “Middle of America” later in 2019.

Out earlier this year, “Lord Help” (feat. Annie Miller) weaves through Jeremy’s trials and tribulations and explains how he ultimately turns to the Lord and love for comfort. Annie Miller’s soft and angelic vocals fuse perfectly with Jeremy Remond’s dueling opposite and hard-hitting bars. “Lord Help” features an obviously contemporary hip-hop sound, Jeremy adds his own authentic flare to create an explosive and meaningful track. Whether you interpret this track as needing the love of a partner or needed the love of the Lord, “Lord Help” exudes raw energy and admirable vulnerability that anyone can relate to. Bravo, Jeremy Remond! We can’t wait to see what he delivers next!

Check out “Lord Help” (Feat. Annie Miller) here.