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Jindi Gets The Party Started With His Rhythmic Hit “Dance Floor”

Jindi is a Sundanese singer/songwriter based in Dubai whose influences include a wide range of genres from Funk/Soul, R&B to dancehall/reggae. Jindi is known for his retro showmanship, and his dance orientated live performance. Being raised in the UAE, The Sudanese artist started off by going to different open mics, and community gigs across the city, performing in different bars, and festivals in the region.

If you're seeking a nice groovy dance hit for this summer, then Jindi has you covered! His release of “Dance Floor” is electrifying! From the increasingly rapid tone of the song and the melodically driven hook, “I just caught your body on the dancefloor”. The record has a nice intricate, detail to the song, giving its listener a unique, funky 80’s groove. “Dance Floor” is something you can’t resist. By the instant you hear the soul in the pop production you’re captured. He keeps his listener moving and the energy at an all time high. The radiating positive energy you feel from “Dance Floor” is what will have you living for the moment. In this upcoming summer season, everybody is planning to let loose, enjoy the warm weather, and hopefully create new experiences and moments with others. What song better reflects this than the sizzling hot “Dance Floor” ? I mean let’s be real, the title ALONE gives off a fun first impression, So let’s intertwine ourselves in a charismatic record like “Dance Floor” and become exhilarated with the dancebeat rhythm you won’t forget!

Listen to "Dance Floor" here and get to know more about Jindi below!

Knowing you’re influenced by variations of different music, do you have any specific artists who you look up to? If so, who and why!?

Growing up I was surrounded by 90’s Rnb and hip hop music, There was a lot of Sudanese cultural music around me aswell. coming from a Sudanese family and listening to the beautiful sounds of “Mohammed wardi” who was one of the pioneers of the music in Sudan and other Sudanese-based funk bands Like the scorpions and Kamal Keila. When I formed my first band I got to know more about the essence of  R&b ,Funk ,Soul and Reggae music by listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder , James brown and the famous flames , Kool&TheGang , Bob Marley and the wailers. Their showmanship and level of artistry was something that I had always admired as listener or an artist. The combination of listening to all these different styles in music has opened up my mind to so many genres that plays a huge role in the songs i put out today. 

For some, it might be challenging to dictate a lyrical meaning in a fun party song like “Dance Floor”, how would you interpret the theme behind this record for our readers!?

The title “Dance floor” came about an incident that happened to me, few years back. I was at this 12 hour concert and by the end of the night I was so exhausted, ready to head home, I turn around and I see this girl standing alone in the middle of the crowd, And You can hear it in the record “Step in to the party and she is all alone , pretty little baby moving Solo”. And just like the movies “Just one Look”, and we started dancing  , it was the last song of the night , I didn’t get a chance to get her number and that was it for the night. A Couple of years later this incident came to my mind, as soon as I heard the beat, it was just right for me to talk about it and have the title of the track as  “Dance Floor” referring to how everything went down on the “Dance Floor” , With that being the first line I came up with when writing the song.

What was your favorite moment in creating “Dance Floor”  and why?

The whole process of working on the track has been like a one big party , I was fortunate enough to work with different creatives from different parts of the world, each one of them added something different to this track , from the talk box to the signature baseline that has some touches from the 80's funk music, it just felt so good working on it. I remember the first time “Rayan Bailouni” played me the beat and these ideas were just flowing around , we both started jumping around the studio.

”Dance Floor” was Produced , Mixed & Mastered by Mohammed Rayan Bailouni , and Co-produced By Ekemini Obong and Hiran Benton.

What is the perfect environment for you to listen to your own record?

I like to sit by the beach or a midnight cruise.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on my first Ep. I’ve released two singles from the Ep so far “Running (On My Mind )” and “Dance Floor”. I've got a couple of shows in Dubai this summer and some performances around the region. COACHELLA!!!! YOU NEVER KNOW MAN, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW...


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