JKeysMWB Creates Feel-Good Music With “I SEE YA”

Many artists have personal motto's that they tend to represent and exude to their fans. For singer and songwriter JkeysMWB, His music goes hand & hand with his actions, leading by example is key.

“ Music has the power to change lives, but just like any type of power it can be used for good and bad”

JkeysMWB intentions are not to manipulate his listeners with vulgar lyrics and lavish visuals, he stands on CREATING MUSIC FOR A PURPOSE.

It’s something about poetic lyrics that knows how to move a listener. The opening introduction to “I SEE YA” by JKeysMWB was poised with poetry, I loved it. As a natural lover of deep messages, I found this to be profoundly refreshing in music. Gladly, JKeysMWB didn’t fail to deliver with the poignant lyricism. Everything in “I SEE YA” felt authentic, natural, and real. It reminded me of the feel-good melodic hip-hop music J.Cole tends to make. JKeysMWB is much needed in today’s culture of hip-hop. Considering the youth is heavily influenced by rap, he can change the culture and shape it into something more meaningful. With substantial music like “I See YA” there’s definitely room for him to eat.

Listen to “I SEE YA” here and get to know more about JKeysMWB below!

Hey JKeysMWB! For starters, what are some qualities you would say makes up JKeysMWB?

Originality, creativity, self motivation, and most of all being truthful. These qualities always separated me from others, it’s what got me this far. I stand on creating music for a purpose, not for the money or the fame but to really impact someone’s life.

Who are some of your inspirations? In what ways have they inspired you?

People like Gemstones, RobWalk and B sport definitely inspired me to start rapping seriously. Being raised by my grandmother I listened and fell in love with old school dusties. Musicians like Marvin Gaye , The Spinners, Earth Wind & Fire , etc. Artist such as Tupac, Erykah Badu, Ja’Rule, Nelly, Jaheim, and J. Cole. I Respect their creativity, they all have a place in my music.

Let’s talk about your music. “I SEE YA” was a hit! What was the main message behind it?

Appreciating the value in our women, and just showing respect to the ones who give us everything such as Love, kids, and happiness the things that matter in life. The world is upside down right now and It's crazy because we take the people we need the most for granted. Being a son, brother, father, and husband I see the love women put into the world, but I also see the pain the world puts on them. I just wanted to remind them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

What inspired you to write this? In what ways does it reflect on who you are as an artist JKeysMWB?

Growing up being the only boy in the house gave me a high level of respect for women. My grandmother who was born in 1932 raised me and my 2 sisters one younger and one older. I had to hear/see what adversity females had to deal with growing up first hand, and trust me it’s a lot. Watching my sisters grow from girls to women was a crazy ride. Women have to face a lot more than man in this world that’s a fact. I just wanted to create something not just for them, but for all girls/women around the world.

What’s next for you?

WORKING! I am looking to release a record mid-July titled “ Social Media” with my first visual. I am also looking to release an EP late august along with a short documentary explaining how and why each song on the EP was created. I just want to continue performing and being creative while impacting lives with my music.

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