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JL The KidD Starts The Year Right With His EP, “Moe Life”

The mysterious rapper shows his range and versatility on this exciting drop.

Hailing from one of North America's most legendary musical cities, Chicago native JL the Kidd’s massive potential is seemingly rivaled only by his equally massive ambition.

Having burst onto the scene with his “Monetize the Madness” EP in 2019, he’s refused to remain artistically static. Releases like 2020’s “Enough” and 2023’s “Hollow” show not only continued artistic evolution but also an expansive vision, and we can’t wait to see which direction this enigmatic artist will take us in next.

Culturing the aura of mystique surrounding JL the Kid is as intriguing as it is fitting. Driven by what he describes as an insatiable hunger, JL the KidD began making music to suppress the darkness inside of him, using music to express himself. With his burning ambition and the skills to back it up, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to gain the acknowledgment of the industry, but as he embarked on his musical journey, one thing became clear. Why take a convoluted route to the top when he can blow you out of the water with standout release after release?

JL the KidD's latest EP, “Moe Life,” shows the impressive range of an artist who continuously refuses to let himself be put into a box. Simply put, “Moe Life” feels like a musical thriller, as Jhe keeps the listener on their toes with dynamic release after dynamic release.

Coming in at ten tracks, “Moe Life” avoids being stale through JL’s ability to sonically shapeshift, feeling confident and larger than life on releases like “Luxury” while showing a steadfast but more vulnerable side on tracks like the opening track “Coffins.”

His impressive range is one of his largest strengths, and it serves him well on this EP. His lyrical approach is nothing to scoff at either, dropping lines like “I’ve been empty how do I fill this vacancy / I have been waiting for the answer to that patiently / all your happiness has to be make-believe / because depression is the new taker’s disease” on “Hollow,” one of the album’s standouts.

Although 2023 may be drawing to a close, with “Moe Life,” JL the KidD ensures he’s ending the year on an extremely high note. We can’t wait to see what this mysterious yet intriguing talent will show us next. As we disappear into the murky darkness, we’ll await his return.


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