Joe Dirrt Releases Contagious Hit “I’m Livin”

Joe Dirrt released his single titled “I’m Livin”, a song that has caught our attention with its fun and charismatic vibe, and hard-hitting flow. The production in “I’m Livin” was manufactured perfectly. The beat had a nice blend between both urban R&B and gritty hip-hop. The melodic keys helped the conviction feel more powerful while the bass was a slapper. One of my favorite key elements to the single “I’m Livin” was most definitely the hook. It was contagious, catchy, and became highly addictive for us. From the melody to the witty lyrics, we thought Joe Dirrt couldn’t surprise us anymore and we were well wrong! The delivery was FIRE.

Joe Dirrt showed an aggressive aspect to his rap by giving a dynamic and highly passionate conviction of each lyric. His influence of hip-hop is very classic and iconic. With him being from the East Coast, he brings a lot of flavor to his lyrics like some of the great artists from New York areas like Jay-Z, Biggie Small, Rakim, and etc. But what can’t be ignored is the laid back Cali style that he brings to the table like Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Dj Quik and etc. These two power connections and fusion of styles have presented us with the masterful art of what it takes to be a legendary hip hop artist. Joe Dirrt has impressed us to the fullest capacity by releasing a cultivating and groundbreaking hit single like “I’m Livin” that we can draw ourselves immensely too.

You can listen to “I’m Livin” by Joe Dirrt here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Joe Dirrt! Tell us about your background. What was the biggest challenge you had to face and how did you learn from it music-wise?

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY in a very large family. In the environment I lived in was very poor. I had hustle much weight in my teen not only to eat but also help my mother who was raising me, brother, and sister. As becoming a man in my early 20’s, my mother had been diagnosed with cancer. With no too much money behind us to help her, she would later die. It affects me toward I made the move to Los Angeles, CA. Even thou I started making music by 16. 2010 was the year I really start taking the music seriously. The challenge keeps coming to teach me to make a good album until 2019 “Before The Fame”. The album helps me to put my pain in my music showcase how great I am. 

What was your creative approach towards “I’m Livin”?

The idea came from I needed a party song on my album “Before The Fame"

What inspired the lyrics behind “I’m Livin”? In what ways were you able to relate to the song?

I wanted to make music that you can wake up to and get in your car. Then you go out your day knowing is going be great like Ice Cube - Today Was a Good Day

How would you describe the production and arrangement in “I’m Livin”?

The production came in the place when the engineer wants to make sure the song hit you from the start. So the background of the beat was very important.

What’s next for you in 2020 Joe Dirrt?

The Next thing is to make sure the whole has the opportunity to hear my album “Before The Fame” and my hit song “I’m Livin".