Joel Christian Shows Listeners the Dark Side With "You Know What You Did"

Joel Christian hails from Los Angeles, CA, and is focused on creating dynamic music pieces full of mysterious energy. Listeners can always expect to receive an intriguing perspective from Joel Christian, as his music often comes with a vivid and dark twist.

Experimenting with the boundaries of dark electronic pop, Joel Christian is set out to test his limits regarding his artistic abilities, and his recent music proved to do just that. Joel Christian has crafted his album, 'Dark Magic,' which is composed of seven songs, and one of the most notable tracks being "You Know What You Did."

There's a strong electronic presence within Joel Christian's latest track, "You Know What You Did." The versatility that Joel Christian displays within the song are what complements the electronic style so well.

Joel Christian exposes listeners to a vast source of stimulatory sensations, ultimately crafting a song with various dimensions, almost being categorized as unconventional. "You Know What You Did" is a texturized soundscape that makes it almost unpredictable as to what Joel Christian will do. Joel Christian keeps it interesting within "You Know What You Did," with the otherworldly soundscapes, listeners should prepare to be completely captivated.

"You Know What You Did" felt very prominent regarding its elicited message. What would you say listeners should expect to pick up on while listening to the track?

I wanted to write a track on the record that was blunter with the approach of songwriting and had more characteristics of a mainstream pop song. The lyrics are simple, "You Know What You Did, and it makes me sick..." I was in this bizarre relationship with someone who was toxic and wanted to be a certain way one day with me, and then the next day it was as if I never existed. Extreme opposite feelings each day. The song is my way of telling this person, I know the games you're playing, I know it's all about what you want, and now I'm writing a song telling you that I'm over it. It's my way of catching their intentions and saying it to their face.

What kind of creativity went into the production of "You Know What You Did"? How do you typically choose the productions for your tracks? 

This track is a continuation of the intro into Dark Magic. I wanted them to flow together and powerfully invite you to my album. YKWYD was a song I wrote about 6 months ago and it was the one I spent the most time on writing and singing. Vocally, I spent hours and hours perfecting the chorus and the verses to captivate and still have that dark aesthetic of my artistry. The productions just come into play when I'm ready to work on the track. A fun fact about this track is some of it was finished during quarantine in my home studio. 

Was there any way in which you felt challenged artistically while crafting your recent album, "Dark Magic?"

I always feel challenged. This album was a shedding of all my insecurities. I told my producer that I needed to push myself while recording this. The entire process was a journey for me. I've always been an artist that doesn't just make music and releases it. I have to paint the entire picture in my brain. Dark Magic was more of a feeling than an album title to me. I had to go through so much darkness to find the light within my music. Every song on the album pushed my emotions to find that triumph at the end of the process. My lyrics are from the deepest parts of my heart, mind, and imagination to create something that can be relatable and showcase my vulnerabilities. Through the visuals, song titles, etc - it was so much work put into it. This album has been a process over 3-4 years. 

Where do you see your music taking you within the next year? Are there any goals you've set out for yourself artistically? 

I am just so thankful that the album is out and people are listening to it. The amount of response I've received has been uplifting and motivational. A lot can change in a year since we've seen what 2020 has done to us. I really want to make more music, show my fans the artist I can continue being, push myself musically, and lyrically. I already started writing new music haha! I would love to make another music video, create some merch, and hopefully start doing some collabs and shows! 

What are you doing currently to keep motivated and inspired? Thank you for talking with us,  we can't wait to hear what's next from you.

Well, these last few months have been challenging! I've been struggling with being motivated and inspired to be honest. It goes in waves - especially when you invest so much time, energy, and emotion into an art piece such as an album and then poof, it's out into the world. On the day of release, I felt all these different emotions, like...ok I want to work on another album. Haha! I try and focus on the present, work out, keep my mental health going, constantly create ideas for photoshoots, costumes, song titles, artwork, etc, and just keep the creative process going.