Joey Karma Reaks Vulnerability In “Monsters In My Attic”

Joey Karma is a talented recording artist, producer and young father residing in Northern Ontario, Canada. The mixes between his West Indie roots and European descent made it easy for him to understand the emotional side of various genres. Joey Karma later co-created a local hip-hop platform for artists from all over Ontario. He assists in guiding, developing and motivating up and coming artists to reach their full potential. Karma is currently focused in his home studio working on his debut album, while raising his kids and working with clients. He still opens his schedule to film music videos or for upcoming project ventures of clients and close friends alike.

“Monsters In My Attic” aims higher than ever, leading with a quickly engaging soundscape and concept, a smooth and colorful backdrop and a beat that perfectly accompanies the lyrical depth that follows. The simplicity of the genre thrives here because the bars and the set-up are so well executed. There’s a consistent sense of intention to the song, lyrically and in the passion you can hear throughout the vocals. Whether rapped or sung, the delivery captivates and satisfies. Joey Karma represents a level of structural complexity, subtly but effectively holding your interest and affection way past the two minute mark. There’s character in this leading voice, but there’s also a sense of honesty to this humble and introspective approach. “Monsters In My Attic” leads with realness, purity, a simple connection to the art form and a clear awareness of what works and what compels an audience.

Listen to “Monsters in My Attic” here and read more with Joey Karma below. 

Hey Joey Karma! How does your earlier music compare to your recent release “Monsters In My Attic”?

My earlier music released was more of a showcase on what I can do with my sound. The difference is on how confident I now am to show a new sound to the world.

Tell us what you want your listeners to take away from “Monsters In My Attic”

Monsters In My Attic is to give confidence to those who might think they can't be honestly open about their issues whatever that might entail. Hopefully people feel good when they listen to it.

Do you think having diverse influences adds a unique flare to your sound? How so?

When you are able to be identified as a certain type you become more identifiable in the bigger scheme of things and at the moment Hip-Hop has never had a sound like mine. Being from a diverse country really opens your eyes to all inquiries.

When you’re not making beats, what do you do?

I actually don't make beats. I mix and produce other artists music within my city and sometimes take raw files via the internet for more international clients. I have been more focused on my sound and touring Canada.

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

Everyday I remember what it's like to be told no, you can't do that and then realize how long I have been involved on making hip-hop recognizable in my city that giving up was never an option. I have children to create a path for and they are all artistic, means the world to me that they always do what they love, for me that is music.


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