Join Kay Soul On a Soulful Journey with her New Album 'In My Mind'

Hailing from Chicago, Kay Soul is a blossoming artist and model who has just released a poetic album labeled 'In My Mind.' With this album release, the young artist has truly exhibited her ability to tell a story through her lyrics. She bares her honest and authentic self with each song and isn't shy to let her emotions seep into her musical masterpieces. After listening to just one of Kay Soul's songs, fans will be enchanted by her contagious passion and will have 'In My Mind' on repeat for the rest of the night.

Kay Soul elegantly introduces her album with the silky smooth track "Feelings Lately." With its contemporary keyboard layered on top of an 808 trap beat, the song is dripping with vibes. Kay Soul uses this trap-soul hit to let her fans know that although she's been in her feelings lately; she is now back and better than ever.

Kay Soul turns the energy level down for her next song, "Blood in My Veins." With its slow-paced beat, the edgy song emits a mysteriously sensual atmosphere that is sure to lure fans in. She uses "Blood in My Veins" to truly showcase her vocal range and her alluring ability to exude power at any pitch.

With 'In My Mind's' next two songs, "Silence" and "This Life (Interlude)," Kay Soul switches gears with her music style. Rather than focusing on her engineering and production, she takes this opportunity to share her wisdom. Lasting a mere 39 seconds, "Silence" is a chance for Kay Soul to show her audience that there's more to her lyrics than just words – it's poetry. The minute-long song "This Life (Interlude)" is another prime example of her lyrical artistry. In addition, Kay Soul explores the world of percussion by including a variety of unique drumming sounds, adding excitement to "This Life (Interlude)."

The soundscape of "Withdrawal" feels like a slowed down, romanticized salsa. Kay Soul shows off her musical versatility with her futuristic engineering. Through her storytelling lyrics, she sings about loving someone so much that you feel like you need them. Many listeners will have no problem connecting with the emotions behind loving someone like a drug, and the next song, "Baby Boy," evokes a similar devotion. The passion within Kay Soul's voice is evident as she serenades a love interest. As she performs drawn-out vocal rolls, she takes the opportunity to show off her intrinsic vocal talent.

As if she wasn't keeping fans on their toes enough, Kay Soul gives us something new with "Silly Love." She shows us another one of her many talents by rapping a section of verses in this song. The bars come so effortlessly that the Hip-Hop section doesn't come as a surprise, but rather a deeper sonic experience. Through the lyrics of "Silly Love," Kay Soul sings about the type of love that isn't just physical. She believes that everyone is deserving of the type of love that goes deeper than the surface level, and after listening to this song – you will too.

Kay Soul brings attention to how easy it is to place value on ourselves based on our social media with "Classy Chicks." She first highlights how notifications, likes, and comments seem to consume our worth. Most listeners will appreciate the crucial reminder that real value comes from within. Staying true to this theme, "This Life" points to how easy it is to lose faith in ourselves. Bringing back her animalistic and exciting percussion beat, Kay Soul preaches, "don't believe those lies anxiety tries to sell you." With the lyrics of "This Life," she spins the scary emotions that many of us feel into an opportunity to start fresh.

In the next song, "Angel (Valerie)," Kay Soul slows things right down by creating a soundscape of tranquility. It is evident after one listen that the inspiration behind "Angel (Valerie)" was very close to Kay Soul's heart. The song creates a welcoming atmosphere of holiness, peace, and eternal love.

"Gotta Go" is the perfect song to close off the album 'In My Mind.' This anthemic song is an ode to moving on to better things. Kay Soul sings about her struggles during her grind to the top and how she refused to let anybody's words hold her back. With "Gotta Go," Kay Soul reminds her fans to look out for themselves if they hope to someday make their dreams a reality.

Can you tell us about your creative process for 'In My Mind?' What were your inspirations behind the songwriting and production? Did any specific genres inspire you?

I began writing what would become "In My Mind" last year.  It started as voice notes, poems, and random thoughts.  I started experimenting with different sounds and really thinking about the story I wanted to tell.  I wanted the stories to be reflective but hopeful.  I wanted the production to take dark and light sounds and mash them together to create genre-bending melodies.  I listen to alot of different music so my inspiration comes from all genres. When you listen to the album, you will get some pop, rock, gospel, jazz, and R&B. 

One of your most appealing qualities is your ability to tell a story through your lyrics while remaining honest with yourself. Is there a main message that you were trying to send through your songwriting for the whole album 'In My Mind?'

This album is about healing yourself and taking past trauma and pain and finding your power.  I wanted to share the broken pieces of myself but from a place of hope.  Encouraging listeners to find the beauty within themselves and use my music as a soundtrack to help fuel their own growth and healing. 

After listening to the angelic and serene orchestration of “Angel (Valerie)” we couldn’t help but be truly touched. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind “Angel (Valerie)?”

Angel Valerie stemmed from a lullaby I used to sing to my daughter Valerie.  For me, she is the reason I get up every day and do what I love.  I think listeners can gain inspiration because I believe we all have at least one person that is like an angel to us and makes us feel loved and motivated to live our best lives.  That's what my daughter is to me and I wanted to memorialize those emotions in song. 

As an artist, it is common to go through very high highs and low lows. Can you tell us about a few of your experiences that have stood out to you, and shaped you to become the artist you are today?

I have definitely been through my share of ups and downs. In 2012 I lost a very close friend of mine to a tragic accident.  It was after that experience I realized that I wasn't living my life to the fullest.  I decided that day to seriously pursue music as a career.  I began to develop my brand, my sound, and my skills.  That experience definitely played a huge role in the artist I am today.  

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? 

I had a vision for 2020 as to how I wanted to roll out the year which included the album.  I have definitely had to make some adjustments given the state of the world.  However, I felt like it was important for me to tell the stories in the album and that is what I used to keep me motivated and focused.