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Join Meghan Pulles on an Ethereal Journey of Healing

Meghan Pulles discovered her passion for music at a young age – she has been singing since the age of five, and she wrote her first song at just seventeen years old.

Since then, she has been using her songwriting as an outlet for her own emotions and turning her experiences into storytelling lyrics. It wasn’t until 2019 that Meghan Pulles decided to turn her love for music into a career and begin sharing her musical therapy sessions with fans.

Meghan Pulles complements her lyricism of healing, affirmations, and mindfulness with organic instrumentations. She often incorporates elegant piano riffs, soulful bass lines, and percussion sets comparable to a thumping heart. MeghanPulles’ songwriting combined her raw orchestrations and harmonious vocals to create a cohesive ethereal atmosphere with every song.

Fans of Meghan Pulles’ authentic creativity can look forward to her debut album which is currently in the works and is set to be released sometime in 2022.

Discover more about Meghan Pulles, here.

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