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Join Us In The Spotlight With "Miracle" By The Angelic Anna Goldsmith

Vocalist and writer Anna Goldsmith developed her music to uplift her listeners, starting out via music theatre and shaping her artistry during her teen years.

Inspiring and bringing hope all through this confident record "Miracle," Anna released 2 singles leading up to this masterpiece. Young but not inexperienced, she thrives in delivering a sense of fulfillment in her records, making it her signature sound. Do you ever find yourself shadowed by doubt and what others may think of you?

The compelling, immersive sonics give the listener hope in a "Miracle" - placing her sharp vocal tones and instrumental electrics all over the record. Inspired by others living their truths, Anna soaks in the capability of people's self-belief and drives her to believe in miracles. She identifies the nuanced world and sees how to play a role in one's inner critic, noticing it can be determined by one's self-belief.

In her recent interview with Buzz, Anna Goldsmith mentions that she wanted the overall message that you are beautiful just the way you are. When she was younger, Anna struggled with being bullied and lacked the confidence to be bold. Unfortunately, in this world, you have to suffer greatly to release greatness.

"Miracle" is about finding your true self without putting others down and being confident in who you are." We asked Anna what she does on her more challenging days, and she mentioned that she brainstorms ideas and plots carefully about her next mission. She lists all the possibilities, and then the creativity starts to flow, "Something on my list will strike a chord with me!"

Read the full song review and interview with the determined Anna Goldsmith and her latest release, "Miracle," here.


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