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Join Us In The Spotlight With Rich Trapper And His New Release, "Game 6"

The LA recording artist and songwriter has released his long-awaited single, "Game 6," with hot lyrics and sounds to have you bouncing.

Rich Trapper had his fair share of troubles; his fatherhood and the pressures of the city amounted. However, all the factors and the influences around him, like the Great Nipsey Hustle and others, helped Rich Trapper develop an elite focus and tunnel vision for his goals and dreams. Releasing his latest project, Rich Trapper plans to flourish and conquer.

Bringing those themes to life, Rich Trapper displays an epic amount of hustle and noise with his new project and its title track, "Game 6."

Showing off his multi-faced raw talent, Rich Trapper, with the project titled track "Game 6," brings the heat with a low-toned verse and turns it up a notch toward the middle of the record with epic melodies! The rich strings set the thrilling atmosphere for Rich Trapper to jump into his verse with authority bringing a fresh new sound to the table. Rich brings a new, electric mood to the music scene and adds his twist with unique flows and melodies to keep the listener drawn to "Game 6."

The difference between Rich Trapper's vocal stylings and his intense flow is wild, delivering heat as if it was two different artists. However, his versatility speaks for itself, striving for greatness amid life stresses and coming out on top. A thrilling record to further understand the depth of the incredible talent of Rich Trapper, an enjoyable and entertaining listening experience, to say the least.

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