JOJAY Makes Sure That We Tune Into "Every Rhyme"

A native of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, JOJAY has been shedding his talents as a Rapper since he was in middle school. Formally in a group titled Self-Served Entertainment, JOJAY decided to pursue his desires as a solo artist. Continuously using his unparalleled dedication to release numerous projects and collaborate with various gospel rap artists, JOJAY uses his talents by also focusing on the instrumental aspect of the music with composing, producing, and mixing.

His most recent release, “Every Rhyme,” acts as a therapeutic chamber that exposes the vulnerability affixed in the lyrical moments shared with his listeners. The head in the clouds atmospheric force of his musical creations have you suctioned into gospel roots that he proudly wears on his sleeve as he offers that piece of himself to his listeners.

Manifesting blessings through positive affirmations, JOJAY exposes the exclusive side of himself that is ready to elevate as an individual and an artist in the music industry and life. Using the swift decadence of the instrumentation in “Every Rhyme,” JOJAY places his talents on a pedestal as he delves into his artistic talents. Smooth cadences wash over you as you absorb the animated expressions in the notable adroitness that JOJAY effortlessly executes.

Riding the beat like a wave, how JOJAY has us deep into our headspace with this piece holds an extraordinary standard in our books. Using his techniques to fuse the storytelling fundamentals of old school Hip-hop and pairing it with the mass appeal of the new wave this generation is spellbindingly indulged in, it is no wonder that JOJAY is continuing to harvest the acknowledgment that he is from across the world.

Congratulations on the release of, “Every Rhyme.” What moments shaped the inspiration that you used when fashioning this creation?

The inspiration behind Every Rhyme was to show a new light in me. I wanted to with this Record to get back to how I started making music. I started making CHH music when I was 14 and I just wanted to get back to spreading God's word. What message would you like your listeners to take away from, “Every Rhyme?" The Message I would like people to take from Every Rhyme is that if you keep God First, Everything will work out for the better. Even when it seems like there isn't enough time or it just isn't right, God will come through. Could you please share a glimpse of your creative approach when creating a song? How the song was created, I wanted to shed a light. So what I did was just pour my emotions for God out and show people a new change and the growth of Jojay. We hear that there is a highly anticipated project on the way from you! What details can you give us on it? The New Project will be releasing next year sometime, there isn't a date on it. I have a few songs ready, and the concept of the project is to have all the songs that are on the project to be timeless. That's the theme of the project. Timeless As we are moving into the new year, what are your goals with your music?

As we are moving into the new year, what are my goals for the up and coming years for music is to build a fanbase and become a little bigger than I am now. An being able to spread positivity through my music. I just want to be more on a positive note.