Jon Worthy & the Bends Bring Us Light & Heavy Soundings Throughout 2019!

Jon Worthy & the Bends have a sound that is incredibly delicate, yet strong and resilient. We absolutely adore their approach in terms of both production and vocal execution. They take advantage of the power of raw and pure folk elements tied to more of alternative vocal performance. In 2019, they released their album "Something's Gotta Give", and with it, exposed their true inert sound. They're fun, they're different, and they're passionate about their sound. All in all, Jon Worthy & the Bends had a successful 2019, but they aren't finished with contributing to the Indie/Folk music scene. More music is to come in the near future!

One release we want to highlight from Jon Worthy & the Bends is their album "Something's Gotta Give". One of our favorite tracks on this album happens to be the second track "Takin My Time". This track offers folk-like elements with an alternative vocal approach. The two combined make for a track that makes you feel inspired, and ultimately at peace. Another notable element to the soundings of Jon Worthy & the Bends is their rustic manner throughout "Something's Gotta Give". A lot of these rustic aspects can be seen in tracks such as "Turn My World Around" and "Better Days". It brings an old flare to the predominant sound of Indie/Folk. We really love the attitude of Jon Worthy & the Bends, and we're anticipating new music in the near future!

Check out Jon Worthy & the Bends recent album here


Hey Jon Worthy & the Bends! Thanks for coming to talk about your music released over the course of 2019! How does Jon Worthy & the Bends feel about their artistic journey in 2019?

2019 was wild! By the end of December I will have played 121 shows in 2019! Constantly grinding it out on the road has been so much fun. We’ve met some amazing people and bands and played countless badass shows. Getting to tour behind my third full-length album Something’s Gotta Give this summer was also really cool. Something’s Gotta Give is more acoustic-based than my past albums so it was nice to display a different musical flavor than what I’ve released previously. We also got to do some awesome music videos with super talented people including Big Lefty Productions and Broke Boy Media!

"Something's Gotta Give" was the major release of 2019 for the band, and the album incorporated a variety of folksy and alternative sounds. What are some prominent sounds/genres Jon Worthy & the Bends always incorporate into tracks?!

Something’s Gotta Give was certainly more indie folk Americana driven than my previous albums. We implemented some violin, cello, piano, and xylophone on this album that made for a new sound. On all my songs there is always an element of angst and heartbreak as well as a loud to soft dynamic born from listening to so much Nirvana and Pearl jam!

How did the production of your recent music video "Takin My Time" go? Were the creative dynamics of the video collectively constructed by the band, or was it developed independently of group input?

I linked up with Broke Boy Media who filmed and edited the video via Facebook. They had an ad out that they were doing a music video tour and needed an artist in Nashville to film a music video for. We had just released Something’s Gotta Give so I reached out and we seemed to be a good fit. I came up with the initial idea of myself kind of wandering around Nashville trying to find myself like the storyline for Takin’ My Time. We had a majority of the video planned to be outside given it was June and of course the day Broke Boy Media was in Nashville to do the shoot it poured down rain all day! But the rain made the video and really added an emotional element that only benefitted the song and the production. But I was totally soaked the entire day as you can see in the music video!

For someone who has never listened to your sound, what track would you recommend one to listen to first out of the collection Jon Worthy & the Beads have?

I would recommend two songs! Please Tell Me off the 2018 album Only A Dream. It has a great vibe to it and a catchy groove. And the ending slide guitar part was played by Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant who produced the album! I would also recommend Takin’ My Time which is off the 2019 album Something’s Gotta Give. It’s a driving foot-stomping song and the song’s about emotions that everyone has experienced and gone through. Not to mention it’s easy to catch on to the lyrics!

We're excited about your tour in 2020! How do you expect this upcoming tour to go?!

I think it will go well! There will be a mixture of a full band and solo shows. And we already have 6 new cities on the schedule including Dallas, Oklahoma City, Red Wing Minnesota, and Boone Iowa! I am currently busy recording 5 new acoustic-based songs and we’ll be recording 5 new full-band electric songs in early January so we’ll have lots of new material at our shows. And we already have a release date for our newest single Shake Shake for January 28th, 2020! And as we speak I am in Columbus, OH shooting a music video for Shake Shake!