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Jonathan Panetta Asks for “Forgiveness”

Jonathan Panetta is an independent musician from Markham, Ontario. Apart from his solo creations, Jonathan Panetta is also a singer and instrumentalist for The Madd Mutts' alternative rock band.

He is known for his in-depth, passionate lyrics and meanings behind his songs and his punk rock and post-grunge style.

Giving us a taste for nostalgia and edge, the latest to come from Jonathan Panetta is the song, "Forgiveness." Featured on the album' Stop and Think Now,' listeners can find this lead single at number nine on the tracklist, offering up a whole stew of colossal impact. The dark and moody guitar riffs tour us through the mid-tempo rush of angst as Jonathan Panetta illuminates the soundscape before us.

Complementing the heavy-hitting percussion patterns that chime in with sparsity and intention, the rhythmic grooves take us into a custom universe of Jonathan Panetta's amplified sonic voyages. His smoldering vocal performance embodies the unapologetic persona he owns immensely as we tap into lyrical motifs like 'Sometimes the past comes back and I remember that. I've been abused beyond repair.'

Authentic with his delivery and the tonal distinction that conveys such profound wording, the emotion that we feel in this masterpiece offers up the vibrant energy we're eager to explore further. Blatant with each word professed, we take away more than the surface layer from "Forgiveness." Executing his mission with determination and grace, Jonathan Panetta makes his voice heard in the compositions we admire.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jonathan Panetta, and congratulations on the release of your latest album, "Stop and Think Now." What inspired you to let "Forgiveness" set the tone for your album?

I chose to make "Forgiveness" the second last track of the album because it compiles a handful of the tracks that came before it. Out For Blood, World Without Me, and This Is For The Ones to name a few. I believe this song helps spread the message of “Stop and Think Now” as it’s a reminder of how big a toll holding onto a grudge, anger, and stress, or seeking revenge can take on someone.

With wording that hits the core of emotion, what happens to be the moment or story that inspired this song's creation?

What inspired this track were a lot of moments that have built up over the course of my life. Growing up I used to get bullied and did not have a lot of friends. As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that life is like a train ride, people will come and go out of your life. Those that left a negative impact on your life may not realize what they have done, but life never stays the same, even if people’s words still roam around in your mind. Forgiveness does not just mean forgiving those that hurt you but forgiving yourself for letting it get to you (if it has) and moving forward.

From working in a band setting to creating on your own, what have been some essential differences that you notice in your creative process? Do you have a preference as to how you create?

Some differences have been the recording process as I have to work with my bandmate’s schedule on top of my own, but other than that I feel I have great chemistry in my band The Madd Mutts, and our creative ideas always seem to work off of each other. We are always open to exploring new elements of rock, new ideas, and even practice some of my solo songs as part of our setlist so I don’t always have to ask myself “do I want this to be a Jonathan Panetta song or a Madd Mutts song?”

What central theme would you like your audience to reflect on when taking in "Forgiveness?"

I want people to reflect on how quickly they tend to react to a situation. What someone said, what someone did, how it’s affecting them, and what they want to do in response. Nobody wants to get hurt but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at our own actions and take a moment to stop and think, are we making the world better, or spreading more hate?

What's next for you?

Going into January 2022 my band The Madd Mutts will be releasing our debut EP and doing shows again if all goes according to plan. New music is always in the works so there will be new tunes from me, my band, and maybe some collaborations as well.

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