JonesJrr Talks His New Song; "Most Don't Get It"

Welcome to BuzzMusic JonesJrr! How has growing up in a musically inclined household impact your artistry today? Great question! Growing up in a musically inclined household is the reason I got into music. At around 8 years old my dad had taught me how to rap to a beat and even recorded me on a few tracks, a snippet of this is actually on my album “META” and snippet is titled “2007 (interlude)”. From then on I've had the desire to make music.  Tell us about your single "Most Don't Get It". What was the vision you had for this song? “most don’t get it” is one of my more emotional tracks. The track goes over the struggle of an artist as well as the struggle growing up in a low-income household. I touch on my high school experience, from bullies to girls. I kind of just let all of my emotions out and wanted to talk about things that I felt other people didn’t understand, ironically I’ve been told it’s one of my most relatable songs. What obstacles did you have to overcome when making "Most Don't Get It" and in what ways were you able to overcome it? Obstacles I’ve overcome with this track: I believe that I found a different type of sound that I’m used to making when I recorded this. I transition from a deep, more monotone cadence to a much more intense and emotional delivery, I think this is what makes the track unique. How would your songwriting approach towards "Most Don't Get It"?

I wrote this song in one sitting, I heard the beat and instantly got the “most don’t get it, they really just spit it” the first line and it spiraled from there. After writing the track I recorded it all in my little dorm room studio I have and mixed it up. 

What's next for JonesJrr through 2020?

What’s next for me is a music video for my track “Like This” which is also on my album “META”.

Listen to JonesJrr here.