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Jordan Carr is Back in Action with New Release, "Ronnie"

Singer/songwriter Jordan Carr is seasoned with an alternative edge. As an artist, Jordan Carr has been involved in many creative projects and dabbled into various genres of music.

Being comfortable without structure, Jordan Carr is all about adaptability and wanting to push himself to the fullest extent as an artist. He has recently released "Ronnie", a song that is about seizing the moment and living life to the fullest before one reaches a point they no longer can. Jordan Carr is able to provide a ton of inspiration with the track's narrative, and it ultimately makes for a sweet anecdote.

Anticipation is immediately built within the introduction of "Ronnie". The robust melody captivates listening ears, and Jordan Carr's confident and peppy vocalism is able to maintain a strong sense of positivity throughout the song. A collection of instrumentals is added into "Ronnie" that gives the song an alternative and rustic style, yet the vocalism presents a more contemporary indie/rock sound. The combination ends up being quite smooth, which is what makes the song as cool-toned as it is.

Ultimately, "Ronnie" had vigor, warmth, and pure excitement to it, making the track the perfect Alt/Rock single to add to your playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jordan Carr! How do you feel about the release of "Ronnie?"

Thanks for the time. This was the first song I wrote when I ventured out into the singer/songwriter world… it is on my first album (Reinventing the Dumbass) as an acoustic song and has been a staple in the live show for years… Most shows are now played with a live backing band (Jordan Carr and the Boys) and since this song has been the fan-favorite for years, we very, very slowly tracked what ended up being this full-band version of “Ronnie”. I feel great about how it turned out and I’m really stoked to play it live again. As a song that encompasses living in the moment, would you say that your own life is a depiction of the narrative presented in "Ronnie?"

Absolutely. I wrote the song after a trip to Myrtle Beach where a few friends and I had vowed to party forever, but when we returned I seemed to be the only person holding on to that promise. I sort of starting turning into this version of me that was a great party companion but that was about it. I was becoming the character in the song. Choosing Rumpleminz as my go-to drink of choice didn’t make me any more pleasant to be around either. Would you say there were any underlying messages to "Ronnie" that listeners may not have picked up on?

It’s essentially a song about not wanting to grow up and to keep the party going. I assume there’s a fair amount of people who have felt that way in some shape or form, but I know from experience that more often than not living that way only ends in loneliness and regret. But I think that’s all pretty easy to pick up on in the song. As an artist who has been involved in various different ventures, where do you see your music taking off from here? Any changes in future music from what listeners are receiving in "Ronnie?" When the pandemic hit, we had just finished recording the instrumentation for JC and the Boys’ new EP, “Rail Vodka”, which is finally done and set for an October release. “Ronnie” was recorded in a very similar vein. So, yes, the new EP will be quite similar in tone, but every record has had a different vibe or storyline surrounding it and I really like that. I used to think that you had to pick a genre for your band and stick with it, but over the course of the last decade I’ve realized I can do whatever I want whenever I want as long as I am happy with and proud of the end result, which is how I feel about this version of “Ronnie."

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

Well, I have listened to “Show Up” by Samia about 58 times in the last two weeks, so probably that. Something about it makes me nostalgic for times I have never had. I like that.

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