Jordyn Curet Uplifts and Empowers with “Lift Me Up”

Jordyn Curet is a multi-talented actress, singer, model, and the host of DreamWorks TV's wildly successful YouTube series "Life Hacks for Kids." With over 5 million subscribers, the young artist shares DIY hacks with her viewers, all while maintain her own individual singing career. Jordyn’s new single “Lift Me Up” is an inspirational, uplifting new single that we can’t get enough of! 

The song “Lift Me Up” truly solidifies Jordyn’s connection to her listeners. She connects on every level from the musical arrangements, truthful lyrics, and beautiful vocals.

It’s an empowering ballad for anyone struggling with who they are. Jordyn spreads an uplifting attitude, her lyrics feel like a best friend cheering you on at every step of the journey. With a soft ukelele taking you through from beginning to end, you’re introduced to Jordyn’s angelic vocals and dreamlike aura.“Lift Me Up” is a captivating project from Jordyn Curet, it sets her apart in the music industry as a truly authentic and refreshing artist. At such a young age, Jordyn is galvanizing the music industry today. She’s an incredible role model for people her age and young women alike. She’s open and honest with her songwriting and pours her heart and soul into every single song she creates. She’s on her way to big and bright things, don’t miss the journey and stay tuned for more! Check out “Lift Me Up” here.

We love your voice, have you had professional training?

I have had some professional training with the VCS, Nick Cooper. However, most of my vocal training has just been self progressing from years of singing. From a very young age, I have sung and learn a lot from watching others sing as well.

We’re so excited to present your single “Lift Me Up” to our readers! What does it feel like the have this single released? 

Thank you so much! It really feels amazing a true accomplishment. I started writing the song over a year ago but it was a work in progress. I then wanted to incorporate the ukulele and over the summer working with an amazing producer who assisted me with putting it all together.

What inspired this uplifting song? 

The song touches on the #antiBully topic but most importantly I wanted to share the message of together we can lift each other rather than putting each other down. Personally touched by the action of others, I really wanted to inspire the movement of Lifting each other.

Who are your musical influences?

That is a tough question. I enjoy a wide variety of influencers, from Bruno Mars, Alessia Cara, Khalid, Camila Cabello, Paramore, Jackson 5 and many others.

How do they inspire your music? 

I really seem to like conversational songs. A song that makes me feel as if it is talking to me is one that I connect with. I enjoy a great dance song but overall my favorite songs are those I can relate with.

What’s next for you now Jordyn?

I am currently working on a collab with a dear friend. We are excited about this one! I have a couple of other songs I wish to release in the next year. But in the meantime, you can catch me in as a recurring guest star role Season 3 on Raven's Home and a supporting role in the upcoming film "Marriage Story' hitting theaters Nov. 6, and Netflix Dec. 6th. Thank you very much, I am really excited to share my love of writing, singing and performing with you!