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Josh Waters Releases a New Song Every Week of 2020

Atlanta-based artist Josh Waters has teamed up with BNDWTH Studios and a number of producers including WLPWR, Kevin Cossom, and more to create rejuvenating music that will spark the world of R&B.

After extremely hard work and collaborative production of over 60 different singles, Josh made the unique decision to release 52 of those in 2020, one single a week for the whole year.

Josh Waters’ new single “Don’t Go”, is single number 35 of the year, a catchy and relatable R&B track with a captivating beat. Josh Waters uses his alluring voice to embody the feeling of giving yourself up emotionally to someone, pushing through the hard times to develop a bond of trust and love. Though we know the best is yet to come, sometimes we tend to give up when things get hard.

This song advocates for love that pushes through barriers, all wrapped up in a good beat and passionate vocals. He skillfully uses a soft rhythm and light percussion to create a groovy and seductive song, also showing off his vocals with smooth falsetto and flowing harmonies. Josh perfectly emulates the emotions that his lyrics portray and can connect to the listener through the imagery of his story. There are still plenty of singles left to be released for 2020, so be on the lookout for more from Josh Waters.

Hello Josh, thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic. What was your creative process like for “Don’t Go?” What inspired you to write this one? The creative process for "Don’t Go" was one of my favorites. I was fresh to the BNDWTH process at that time and working with a producer of WLPWR’s caliber was very intimidating. I was nervous but in a comfortable space. I remember it vividly, it was about 3 or 4 in the morning and WLPWR and another producer, Malik, The Banger Slanger, we're cooking up together. Those two work so well together. That melody hit me to the chorus and the rest really wrote itself. It also might’ve been one of the first times in a while where I put something that I was going through in my writing. 

Sixty singles is a crazy amount to get to choose from! how long did the writing process take until you began to narrow down your singles? Did you ever struggle to find inspiration after writing so many? It is a lot of music. Honestly, I think I found a rhythm with my writing. My writing style changed the more I wrote and made records. I did struggle at times finding things to write about but there were so many amazing people on the team who helped and had different ideas we could bounce off each other or help get me started in the right direction. So the team definitely helped but there were times where I struggled and felt burnt out. Why did you make the decision to work with so many different producers? Did you find that helped make each song unique? When you think about making 52 records, if I wrote every song and the same producer produced every song it might definitely get to space where everything is sounding the same, so working with different producers and writers helped with that and helped keep the music fresh.  Are you going to take a break after your last single of 2020 is released, or are you already planning your next project? I plan on taking a break now actually since the music is recorded at this point. I think I’m going to take a small break to just get out of the studio and away from that space, just clear my mind and get ready to get right back into album mode. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? 2020 has been keeping me inspired by kicking my ass. I’ve been determined and inspired to get a lick in. 2020 has been beating the shit out of me and I’ve been bobbing and weaving trying to get through it. Trying to see what the other side looks like and push through and being able to look back on the year has been inspirational. Trying to get out of this rut has been keeping me inspired. 





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