Joshua Ryan Opens up About His Latest Single "Lost in You"

Hi, Joshua Ryan! Welcome to BuzzMusic, our team is happy to be representing you and your latest single “Lost in You”.  With such a unique sound choice and production style, you must have a lot of different music genres you listen too right now.  However, what was the first kind of music you can remember getting into?  Does it reflect in your own music today?

The first kind of music that I was really into was definitely Motown. I remember listening to the Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Commodores, etc. Every morning they were on the radio and I couldn’t help but fall in love with singing along. I think it absolutely has played a big role in the music I do today.

The emotion and soul of some of the best Motown singers definitely made their way into how I’ve shaped my vocal tone and abilities, along with some of my other favorites Tracy Chapman, Boys II Men, Whitney Houston, and a few others. 

Going from Detroit to Los Angeles must have been a major difference in how you create music.  What was the first important difference you can see in the lifestyle of people who live in LA vs. people who live in Detroit?

Great question. There are definitely a few big differences, but the biggest difference that I’ve noticed is the sense of community. In Detroit, everyone wants to jam, write, play shows together, and support al local artists regardless of their current clout in the business. It’s hard in LA to really get embedded in the scene and with the right people. It’s easy to get overlooked, and if you’re above a certain age and don’t have big enough social numbers, it can be even harder. Detroit was about the music, and the rest was a bonus.

With such creative songs and production, there must be some sort of music-making formula that you have made or some sort of step sequence you structure yourself around.  With that in mind, do you make music on two speakers at home, or do you like to use studios or both?  Does the vibe of a studio throw off your creative process?

Most of my songs start with a simple pad/piano progression and a beat. I’m usually wearing my headphones at first, and once I have a solid starting point I’ll play it back in my monitors to hear if it’s a vibe. Some songs stay in that place for months and others come quicker because I have an idea that sparks and I run with it. I also loop in my boy Austin Hull who is an amazing producer and artist himself in Orlando and we collab on a lot of tracks together, which brings the ideas to life. Sometimes the studio can be overwhelming because there are so many pieces of equipment there and you’re wondering “do I need all of this for the sound that I want” and you feel more of the “time is money” feeling. Being at home and sending files between people is my favorite way. 

This song just released about a week ago, do you think it will be followed up by a new album?  Any collaborations coming up as well?

I already have another song that I’ve started working on and am VERY excited about. It’s going to be a little different but not far from my current vibe. We might have a collab on this one as well. We will see.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?   

Expect to see a few more single releases, another music video, and hopefully some shows added into the mix. I can only hope to reach as many new fans and followers as possible.

Listen to "Lost in You" here.