Josiah Tha Prince Talks on His Artistry and Music Life!

Hey Josiah Tha Prince! It's great to see you here on BuzzMusic! You've been successfully creating music since 15, how has this journey been? Any challenges throughout this time and how did you overcome them? It's been great, I've just been enjoying the process, Growing every day. Have I had any challenges? Honestly, just a battle With Myself. Believing In Yourself When You're The Only One In Your Corner Can Be Tough, But Rather Than Tuck My Tail And Run I Chose To Show Everyone The Greatness Within All Of Us.

"Yo Bitch: and "Lifestyle" are excellent examples of talent. How do these tracks compare/ differ? They're Actually Closely Related Lifestyle Is About The Rockstar With The You Only Live Once Mentality Being Followed By Groupies And Yo Bitch Is About The Jealous Boyfriends Of The Groupies Who Follow C3 The Prince And Me.

How do you select the talent you work with? Any specific criteria? When I Look For The Talent I Work With The First Thing I Look To See Is What They Have Done And/Or Can Do. Doing This Will Tell Me If They Are Already Experienced And What Needs To Be Worked On.

Next, I Look At Their Drive, Work Ethic And Why They Want To Be An Artist. This Will Tell Me How Serious They Are And If They're Worth Betting All My Chips On Or My Time Will Be Wasted. Consistency Is Key.

How do you plan to change the world with your music? Any particular messages you are trying to convey? By Creating Opportunities Where There Once Wasnt. Helping Create Opportunities For Others Creates A World With Endless Possibilities.

The Message I Am Trying To Convey By Doing This Is That No Matter Who You Are, Where You Come From, Or What Your Background Is, You Can Achieve Anything As Long As You Believe In Yourself And Are Willing To Put In The Work.

Thanks for chatting with us. We can't wait to hear more about your works. What does the future look like for C3 The Prince? We Have A New Single Coming Soon Called "Money Man" And A New Music Video To Our Song "Lifestyle" So Be On The Look Out For Them.

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