Journey With the Artistic Sounds and Ideas of Cardboard Cop in "STUCK ON THE FLOOR"

Currently residing in British Columbia, CA, Cardboard Cop is bringing some serious eclecticism within the music he's releasing. Cardboard Cop is blending a contemporary indie sound with a strong variety of other genres. We mean that when we say Cardboard Cop is combining such a variety of genre elements with one another. He's strategically linking many notable sounds of today's music era, which brings about a sound that truly is unique and exclusive to Cardboard Cop.

Cardboard Cop is showing off his versatility in "STUCK ON THE FLOOR". This is the first track that made us truly believe Cardboard Cop was a genre-blending artist. The song begins with light piano soundings, which is swiftly incorporated into the vocalism of Cardboard Cop. His vocalism is very airy and delicate, which is what allows it to freely glide across your ears with its vibrations. The best way to describe "STUCK ON THE FLOOR" is to say that it takes you on a mental and curative journey with Cardboard Cop, literally and figuratively. The track is perfect for a serene mental or physical road trip. That's what we appreciate by Cardboard Cop--the ability to take our minds elsewhere for the entire time he's performing in his tracks. We're looking forward to escaping on another mental journey with Cardboard Cop is whatever music he's planning to release for the 2020 year!

Discover "STUCK ON THE FLOOR" here.