JUNO Pulls You In “Closer”

Athens-born singer/ songwriter Juno began her journey as a classical soprano in local conservatories almost a decade ago before crossing over to modern genres. She began to explore her own creative side while studying harmony, music theory, and songwriting. And her songs? Well, let’s get into that!

Artists have this special ability to create an entire environment through their music and that’s exactly what JUNO accomplished with the release of her single “Closer”. If you listen to “Closer” one of the main things you notice is how this record has minimal vocals and lyrics. Instead, much of the music happens in the atmospheric production. This theatrical arrangement and cinematic vibe created a super cool augmented and dramatic setting that matched the expansion in dynamics in this track. You can tell JUNO uses a significant amount of her outside influences alongside her background in classical music to fuse it all together with this sensational piece. JUNO knows exactly how to create her own formula of music. She produces a riveting song that you just can’t help but love. JUNO is undeniably an intriguing artist with a retrospective touch to her contemporary fused and intellectual productions. Take a listen to this detailed hit for yourself! And let us know if you feel closer to JUNO.

Check out "Closer" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Thank you for sharing your music with us JUNO! Growing up in Athens seems to be a super cool upbringing! In what ways have your growing environment impacted your music?

Thank you Buzz Music for this feature! I guess growing up in Athens , a city caught between the East and the West, meant that I was exposed to many different colors, elements and cultural stimuli. It’s a vibrant city with a deep historical impact and a never-ending shift. It certainly makes me wanna go places but always return to her. In a sense, I feel like my music has that familiar homey vibe but also wants to take you to many different places.

We sensed a significant amount of worldly elements to your single “Closer”. Where did you find most of your inspiration for this song?

The beat was originally named ‘Dracula’ and as I was making it, I would imaging it being the soundtrack to a fantasy-driven forbidden kind of love. The beat was morphed before I wrote the lyrics so the words just followed naturally as I immersed myself into the track. I loved it from the very start!

What would you say is the direct meaning behind “Closer”? How does it fit into the theme of your EP Project?

The direct meaning behind Closer is of course the fact that I know that I’m about to do something very questionable , but I go ahead and do it anyway, while the whole world is watching. It has a very cinematic feel to it. I believe that’s the common ground for all the tracks on this work. There’s always a picture behind the music.

Aside from “Closer”, what other songs from your EP do you find to be super extravagant and one of your personal favorites?

Next most favorite is Automation. I went for that deep emotive vibe and whenever I listen to it, it almost feels like it’s not from this world or from this time. It feels very distant like the future but also very emotional like an old experienced soul. I love all of them. Each was a unique experience for me while creating them.

What’s next for you JUNO?

More music, pick up a new instrument (perhaps the sax), aiming for a second fully self produced EP by the end of this year, do a few live shows! Hopefully I will be able to grow more from this amazing, beautiful process and just enjoy the ride while at it!


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