Juwan Rohan Scores With New Single “How The Day Ends”

Bay Area Hip Hop (and all music) has always had a bigger sense of honesty and today that is no different from Juwan Rohan’s new single “How The Day Ends”. This song, “How The Day Ends” is a poetic expression of the everyday life of the art that bleeds so naturally from Juwan Rohan. This anthemic track opens up lyrically with a glimpse into the daily pressures from the people who support and rely on Juwan Rohan on the daily. From being a father to the pressure of success, you are instantly brought into the mind of the artist.

Musically, the song has a lot of amazing elements, including the very musical piano performance that showcases a certain level of artistry. There is also a nicely placed guitar track that is on top of a classic Hip Hop drum beat, that is then accompanied by the sensual healing saxophone performance. Lyrically, again you are given a key to the city of the mind that Juwan deals with on the day today. There is no hiding what the artist is feeling and that is sometimes the best way to experience music. The song closes up in an average time of 3 minutes and 28 seconds, leaving the listener feeling satisfied. Make sure you check out Juwan Rohan’s amazing & honest new single “How The Day Ends”!

Listen to “How The Day Ends” here.

“How The Day Ends” is an honest look into your mind. Was this song an easy song to pour out of you? 

Yea this song was super easy to pour out. When I find myself writing these types of songs where I can just bounce from topic to topic and still build a story on it. It’s when it’s most easy to write. Also, I wrote this song after not writing for a few months so it was just a lot built up and u needed to get it off my chest.

How has being from the Bay Area of California influenced your sound?

The bay has a unique sound definitely but I wouldn’t consider that type of style to me at all times. I have moments where I sound hella bay and moments where I don’t sound bay at all. I definitely know how to write a bay song, but I just don’t want to narrow my ability.

Who is your producer and why do you choose to work with them?

 Legionbeats & Prodbyjozu are two producers I'm working with now and legion beats I’ve been working with for years now. He helped develop that professional sound in me. And now I’m finding more Bay tunes with Jozu and it’s really cool to work with different producers 

“How The Day Ends” showcases poetry in your lyrics. Is poetry something you write on the side?

It all started with poetry. I used to perform in big crowds, graduations, events. That’s where it all started for me so it’s kind of in every song I write. I’m poetic in everything I create.

Lastly, what do you hope your listeners can take away from your new song, “How The Day Ends”?

That I’m really a dope rapper and that you’ll have to listen to the song a couple of times to catch the bars I throw.