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Juwan Rohan Shows That He's "Limit-Less" With New Album

Rap artist Juwan Rohan resides in Berkeley, CA, and is urged to bring forth honesty within the music he releases.

Juwan Rohan seeks to motivate and embolden his listeners. As an artist who is confident and hyper-involved in his community, Juwan is always wanting to help others, and he saw an opportunity through music to do so.

Juwan Rohan has released his album titled "Limit-Less." The album contains many themes of Juwan Rohan's life and the wisdom he has to offer regarding the life experiences he endured. The album ventures off into the storyline of Juwan Rohan, where he delves further and further into his own comprehension of life.

We're given sincere pieces of advice, along with genuine hardships that teach a lesson. The album itself freely circulates around vivid creativity; all brought about without a dramatic production. Juwan Rohan is simple but not simple-minded. All in all, Juwan Rohan aimed to reach out and connect to his listeners with the hope in mind that he could provide relatable content.

Juwan's purpose was to encourage others and influence them in a way that could help them grow and flourish mentally. "Limit-Less" tells the ultimate story of Juwan, and his perspective regarding life choices, all tied together with a low-key, intimate atmosphere. We're hoping for more of Juwan Rohan's candid creations.


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