JWII Creates a Tough Delivery With “Prayer”

Rap is a complex genre that’s filled with various sub-genres which makes the genre subjective and broad enough for any type of listener. For Nebraska-born JWII and his song “Prayer”, he’s representing the old school formula for what rap used to be and what it needs to be now. Through his thought-provoking songwriting, tough delivery, and raw aesthetic, JWII is showing us that real lyricists still exist. “Prayer” had a calm instrumental without having to do the most, and JWII was able to still make the song exciting and undeniably hype. It could be difficult for most rappers to find that balance between authenticity and still remaining marketable, but for JWII he knows exactly how to cultivate a sound that blends between the two.

“Prayer” was the song that could get your energy surging and still manage to have an element of realness to it. You can blast this record in your car and still catch the same radiating energy you’ll catch from a club banger. Not only can you feel the exhilarating atmosphere that JWII creates from his delivery, but if you focus on the lyrics, you will be mesmerized by the beauty in his songwriting. The entire aesthetic of “Prayer” showed us that JWII is more than a rookie, but a seasoned professional who just needs the right buzz to send him into the markets of success that he deserves.

You can listen to JWII's “Prayer” here!