K.Credle Curates Nothing But Good “Vibez” On His Debut Album

K.Credle is an artist, screenwriter, and music consultant from Queens, New York. The 24-year-old pours his heart and soul into his music career and has since seen online radio airplay across the world. K.Credle graduated  from Becker College in May 2017 with a business degree. Now putting his degree to use in conjunction with his passion for music, K.Credle launched his own record label and music consulting business known as "Credle Entertainment”. His spectacular debut album “Lone Wolf 2, Part 1” has launched in to the music scene and focuses on mental health, depression, black excellence and black entrepreneurship.

One of the singles featured on K.Credle’s new album “Lone Wolf 2, Part 1” is the high energy track “Vibez”. The banging single is all about having a good time and turning up. It’s the perfect track to bump at any event this summer and we can’t get enough. “Vibez” showcases K.Credle’s precise flow and unique vocals. The echoing and auto-tune on his voice adds an alluring feature to an already addicting new track. I highly recommend you bump this track on repeat to get the full “Vibez” experience! Make sure to check out “Lone Wolf 2, Part 1” and stay on the lookout for K.Credle and his future musical endeavors!

Listen to “Vibez” here and read more below in our interview with K.Credle.

Hey K.Credle! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your sound, can you tell us how you originally got started making music?

What got me started with music was my father and older sister who are Gospel/Soul and R&B music artist. Started off in the church and school choirs from the age of 6. Heavily began writing poetry in high school and by the age of 18, I fully began writing records. 

Did your upbringing influence your music career? How so?

My upbringing as a child definitely was influenced by my father always hearing him sing around the house nonstop. By the time I was 8 years old I always already created melodies and song ideas in my head. It’s since a blessing to see where I am now with music. 

Tell us about how you created you track “Vibez”!

During the creation of ‘Vibez’ I really took my time with each part of the record. As a songwriter I love to figure out the hook first and then the rest after. I came up with the hook less than 30 minutes after hearing the instrumental from the producer Tyrel Wilson aka ‘TheBeatGeek’. I kept writing the verses and bridges over and over and wanted to perfect it because I knew how much potential this record has. Between writing and recording It was done by late 2017 but continued to make mixing edits throughout 2018 and decided to place this masterpiece on ice for the debut album “Lone Wolf 2 Pt.1” 

What overall theme can listeners expect from “Lone Wolf 2, Part 1”?

The overall theme that listeners can expect from “Lone Wolf 2 Pt.1” is the fight on mental health, depression, suicide and how dealing with inner dark voices. Learning how to fight through adversity and coming up victorious. This is no “push me to the edge, all my friends are dead” type of energy but more on how to tackle those mental health issues and not drown in sorrow. Listeners will also take away black empowerment, entrepreneurship, ownership and taking destiny into your own hands. Rebelling against the traditional way of life and bettering yourself. Lastly, I expect listeners to stop running away from who they truly are but accept it and embrace it. Know whose there for you and accept 100% of you.

What’s next for K.Credle and Credle Entertainment?

What’s next for K.Credle is to get the album heard by the world because I know there’s someone out there whose life I can be saving. A ton of music doesn’t address the topics that need to be talked about, so I know my music will be beneficial. What’s next for Credle Entertainment is to continue to build and eventually help other artist that need not only creative assistance but music business assistance as well.