Kacey V Delivers Confident & Unapologetic Vocals In “Jealous”

Singer/songwriter extraordinaire Kacey V brings something brilliantly unique to the scene with her new single “Jealous”. Hailing from New York City, Kacey V brings unapologetic lyrics and an authentic new sound to the music scene. Fusing a quickly engaging, rhythmically entrancing soundscape, with blissfully delicate vocals, and a substantial, intentional and meaningful lyrical substance, “Jealous” is the synth-pop hit we’ve all been craving. 

When Kacey V’s vocals open up in this new single, her tone is mesmerizing, equipped with breathy verses, she sounds every bit her own vocalist. A catchy melody rumbles and drives right through the heart of this song, insistently underpinning the satisfying chord changes that refuse to be ignored. It’s clearly been loved and there are buzz, warmth and bubbly synths at the edges, too. ”Jealous” feels like it’s breathing as it takes you on a journey through the motions. We are granted a rich listening experience that flies in the face of the meaningful lyrics that deal with the concept that the title insists and is built up with a clever backing vocal arrangement that all drives to a satisfying broken-down outro. Based on the passion and commitment demonstrated within “Jealous”, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Kacey V! 

Listen to “Jealous” here