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Kalen’s Melancholic Vocals Will Make You “Weak”

New York City singer/songwriter Kalen is known for her explosive live performance. She was lead of the eclectic rock band KALEN & The Shy Thieves, has an electronic project titled Death By Piano, and is a part of the ambient poetry band Late Sea. No stranger to success, Kalen’s gift as a lyricist, musician, and vocalist have led her to pursue a solo career.

Stepping into the music scene with a groundbreaking solo project, Kalen just released “Weak” Haunting and melancholic, Kalen’s hypnotizing vocals put her inspiring vulnerability on display. She emotes an authentic and raw energy into her music as her way of connected with her listeners. Featuring Kalen’s undeniable skills as a pianist, songwriter, and vocalist “Weak” is a beautifully written love ballad about the highs and lows of love. Kalen sings “If I’m the land and you’re the sea, You shift your shape, it changes me” to describe the ever changing patterns and events within a complicated relationship and how that affects both lovers involved. Another notable lyric is “I’ve tricked myself into a trap, One where I’m sure you’re headed back”, Kalen’s words resonate with me on a personal level. Love is a powerful feeling regardless of the toll it takes on us. I highly recommend you check out “Weak” and stay on the lookout for Kalen!

Listen to “Weak” and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Kalen! Can you tell us more about your childhood and upbringing into music?

Grew up playing the piano - started creating my own music when I was young. Wrote my first song at 11, called The Storm (in D-). My mom played piano, used to play guitar, and had a great record collection. My piano teacher encouraged my improvisational tendencies. 

When did you start releasing solo music?

In college I released what was basically be a mixtape to my friends.

Who are your top three musical influences and why?

Jimi Hendrix: raw, strong songs, all the extensions, rooted in blues.

Portishead: all the feels, narrative of hip hop and show gaze and sampling and strong lyrical themes to creat trip hop.

Led Zeppelin: rifftastic, blues based, tonal pedal points, killer vocals

How does this track, “Weak”, compare to something you wrote when you first began songwriting?

It’s moody and brooding, a definite thread through most of my work.

Can you talk more about the lyrics and the meaning behind “Weak”?

I think they’re saying what I wanted to say. Some of my lyrics are more abstract, but these are pretty simple and straight forward. At the time I wrote it, I was trying to distant myself from a love that felt so powerful but was actually stripping me of heart and energy


Stay connected with Kalen through her socials!

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