Kamryn Marie Is Searching for “Somebody With a Broken Heart” in Her New Single

Washington, DC is a city with a lot of power in both how the world is moved and how it influences us - today the city is no different as it brings us Kamryn Marie and her new song “Somebody With A Broken Heart”.

Let’s start off talking about the lyrics of this song. “Meet me at 11 in the back of my car with your broken heart” is the second line of the chorus and personally, it really sticks out for us here at Buzz Music. The song is themed about how we all want “Somebody With a Broken Heart” and how the rebound of two people ending a relationship can lead to intimate scenarios! The song is super catchy and is a Pop song, however, the bass, drums, and synth are not afraid of showcasing disco and funk elements and we are not upset about this at all.

The song features a male vocal performance by NIGHTBREAKERS and it’s a nice touch, especially how the song is very involving of two people getting together in the back of the car. The songs' melodies are not easy to forget, as they will be engraved in your head for a long time and have the power to follow you anywhere you go. By the end of the song, you want more and you are ready for more by Kamryn Marie. Be sure to listen to “Somebody With a Broken Heart" here.

What inspired you to take this lyrical direction?

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to and chat with me about my new music. It always feels so good to get recognition for our hard work!  I guess I just wanted to write about that need to have a human connection after a breakup.  It's that space in time between relationships where we crave attention without the obligation, a feeling that I believe many of us have experienced. We thought it was a pretty universal topic and incredibly relatable. Two people meeting who connect, with a heartbreak occurring at the same time.  Also, we didn't want a sappy ballad about heartbreak.  We wanted it to be fun and try to capture the excitement of a "hookup". 

Production-wise, we hear the influence of funk and disco. Is this intentional or just a coincidence?

Yes!  I love that feeling.  My producer, Steve Antonelli, came up with this beat as we started production.  He's influenced by artists like The 1975, Khalid and producers like Mark Ronson.  Those artists aren't necessarily in my wheelhouse vocally but Steve can be very convincing. He'll start down a path and ignore me for a while, which can be frustrating at times, but I have learned to trust him because he hasn't failed me yet. Stepping out of my comfort zone genre-wise was a bit terrifying at first, but the song was groovy and fun, and the song itself ended up being totally worth it. 

How did the feature with NIGHTBREAKERS come about and why were they specifically selected for the job? 

We were looking for a cool male singer who could make this song more of a conversation and Zakk fit the bill perfectly. Matt White of INDIELINE, my management company,  mentioned these guys and when we listened, I fell in love with Zakk's voice!  That was the voice that HAD to be on our track, I knew it right away. Plus he's such a super easy-going guy and he totally nailed it!  

Who is the producer of the track and why was it important to work with them on it?

My producer is Stephen Joseph Antonelli (Songbuilder Studios). I've been working with him for over 3 years, but it feels like a lot longer. We have developed a really amazing bond that I believe every artist and producer should have. No, we don't agree on everything, but our difference in opinion has created some amazing work that I am truly proud of. I am honored to have Steve as my producer. 

Lastly, what is next for you and when can listeners expect to see you live?

Well, I just moved from Baltimore to Nashville and am currently not playing shows.  I hope that happens at some point, but we'll see!  Right now, we're just making a push promoting the new Under Control EP.  Hopefully, folks can hear this album live in the near future.