Kan Boy Does It Again With, "Another One"

Encouraging listeners everywhere to tune into the musical creations of Kan Boy, this Hip-hop artist is an advocate of the intoxicating vibrations that he releases in the songs he puts forth.

In the realm of mixtapes and keeping his audience on their toes, Kan Boy is fresh off the release of his latest project, ‘The Get Back Vol. 1.’ With eight tracks that reflect the most recent creative spurts this emerging artist has had, we get to hone in on the single from the project, “Another One.”

In the thorough development of a tantalizing sound that rings bells as to the creative panache that drips from Kan Boy, “Another One,” dips into a wavy galaxy of the new generation of Hip-hop that listeners are drawn towards.

“Another One,” sits somewhere on the line of a slow to mid-tempo hypnotization that drowns the speakers in anticipating tendencies. The effortless styles that Kan Boy radiates have us slipping into an unperturbed state of relaxation as we become fixated on the lyrical techniques he uses to get his message across. Adapting to an elusive state of mind with the intention of being a human gravitational pull, “Another One,” takes over in one fell swoop.

The prevailing charisma that lingers on your mind has you tapped into an ethereal world ruled by Kan Boy. With no signs of slowing his roll and the manner in which his mesmerizing swagger immerses a room, he is definitely an artist to look out for when shaping your playlists for 2021 Hip-hop with an exclusive zest.

It’s always a pleasure when we get to chat with you, KanBoy! Congrats on a successful 2020! This year has been chaotic for a lot of artists trying to find their own path. What have you noticed about your growth from the start of this year to this present moment?

2020 was the year I put out music on all streaming platforms, three years after I started making music, I didn’t believe in making fans pay, they could listen for free on the Cloud, once the pandemic hit I had to adjust, I needed more ears.

What has been the biggest challenge that you’ve had to overcome as an artist this year?

2020 - 2021 will be the year to make or break an upcoming artist. Platforms like SoundCloud made accommodations for artists in this crucial time.

Releasing two singles this year, do you happen to have one that resonates with you more than the other?

Every time I drop I love it no more than the next, but if we comparing the two from this year Good Day my go to.. no kizzy.

Could you please share a glimpse of what moments inspired the creation of both, “Real Life,” and “Good Day”?

I was feeling a bit uneasy when they had not let Spike Lee in the building, then I made "Real Life."

You’re currently working hard on a self-created mixtape titled, “Y.O.T.R.” Could you take us into what themes and messages we can expect from this project? Growing up I was always around hustlers, they were getting to it by any means, but these people had morals and values, it would always be family first, loyalty, and stand on what you say. Who do you look up to in the realm of music? How does their music speak into your creations?

The only time I look up to somebody when it comes to music; whenever I feel like I got to learn something, I like to use them as a template.

What words of wisdom got you through 2020, would you like to leave with your listeners? Neva put all ya eggs in one basket.


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