Kan Boy Releases Feel-Good Banger “Good Day”

Full of dedication and hard work, Kan Boy is a budding rapper and songwriter who has just released his newest single “Good Day.”  Available on any platform, Kan Boy’s new single “Good Day” opens up with a tranquil soundscape that snatches the listener’s attention. Using a mesmerizing electronic flute melody, he shares his production talent with his fans early in the song.

As the energy level begins to build, Kan Boy introduces himself as a rapper with a bang. It feels like the backtrack is building up to a mind-shattering bass drop that comes with Kan Boy’s vocals.

Soon joined by a trap beat, he takes center stage as he showcases his unique voice. The energy level hits an all-time high and is maintained throughout the rest of “Good Day.” He has a talent for displaying his passion through his vocals by drawing out certain lyrics for effect. During his songwriting process, Kan Boy is motivational with his lyricism and uses his platform to inspire his audience.

Through tough times, “Good Day” is here to remind his fans that good days still exist. Always hard at work, Kan Boy is set to release his debut EP “Y.O.T.R” before the end of 2020. We look forward to hearing what he has to offer us soon.

Hello Kan Boy, thank you for sitting down with us at BuzzMusic to chat about your latest release "Good Day." Can you start by telling us a bit about the production of your recent single “Good Day?”

Good Day was in my email for a whole year before I listened to it, once I heard it, I started recording, I made this song about a year ago based on my city and its life cycle. 

As an artist, you are able to reach many ears with your platform. We love that you have a positive message to share! Can you tell us more about your message with “Good Day?”

We need peace in all city’s, in all communities, start seeing eye to eye, and work as one... and maybe it’ll be a Good Day. 

You are set to release your new EP 'Y.O.T.R.' how does this song compare to your upcoming EP? How has your music evolved?

It all comes down to eliminating what is not righteous based on future actions, what’s done is done. My music continues to evolve through all my life experiences.

How do you find inspiration to create your music? What was your inspiration when writing “Good Day?”

Going back to what I said early, life experiences help the creative process because ain’t no telling what might be, that’s the best part. I just want more peace for more than one day, turn a Good Day into Good Days.