Karina Daza Connects the Dots with New Self Titled EP

From New York City, Karina Daza has done it once again with her newly released self-titled EP and we are here for it. The EP kicks off with a great song called “Stay”, and it’s an easy listening song. Her voice is magical in this song, the lyrics are also enough to get a tear or two.. or ten out of you. This powerful vocal performance is like no other. The lyrics are rich and the melody is reminiscent of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, but still walks to the beat of its own drum. All in, a great opening song that grabs you instantly.


The second song of the EP is a solid interlude that is titled “Zafiro”. This is where Karina showcases her bilingual talents with a song in Spanish! The song starts in Spanish, but then switches to English in the chorus and this is one of the more unique approaches we have seen in a while. The song switches back and forth between Spanish and English, overtop a beautiful piano and finger-snapping beat. Only 1:50, it does its job as an interlude and gets your ears prepared for the third track of the EP. Next up we have “Heartless”. The song opens with piano and guitar that reminds my ears of Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart”. However, once the chorus hits, the beat picks up and so does the melody. The song comes to life with an incredible vocal performance and a catchy hook lyrically with “Don’t You Know I’m Heartless”. By the second verse, you want to get up and dance while pouring a glass of red wine. Lyrically, it feels like she once gave her heart up, but now has learned to be “Heartless”.

Lastly, we have “Inolvidable” which is a Spanish song through and through. This song starts off super soft, then introduces horns and a very samba beat with high energy and also features Gustavo Guerrero on vocals who is a very nice compliment to the song. The energy of the song carries into the second verse and you quickly realize that this is the best way for Karina Daza to close out her EP. 

All in all, this is a solid body of work. 4 songs, 13 minutes and lots of sonic goodness here. Make sure you listen to the self-titled EP by Karina Daza today!

Listen to the full EP here.


Your EP has been out for about a week now, what accomplishments have you already made in the first week of the release and what expectations do you have for this EP?

I had a release party in NYC and it sold out! Two of the singles had been pre-released, so the audience knew the words and it was so amazing hearing them sing along with me! I also just released my first official music video from the EP. I’ve been receiving great feedback, and I expect the songs to get radio play and for it to reach thousands of new listeners (who will hopefully become new fans!).

Your interlude song “Zafiro” is bilingual and beautiful. What inspired you to write a song with Spanish and English fused into one?

Zafiro (meaning “sapphire”) was actually the last song written on this EP. I had two songs in English and one in Spanish on the record already, with themes of attraction and lust, heartbreak, and forgiveness and coming full circle. So I knew the missing piece in that story was a bilingual love song, to really connect everything on the EP. Zafiro bridges the honeymoon stage and the heartbreak stage of the full love story and also bridges the two languages on my album. It also might be the best representation of me, in the sense that I am a fusion of my Latino and American identities.

You have been featured in TV networks and magazines of all kinds! What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I am so grateful every single time I am featured in any press outlet- but my biggest accomplishment actually has nothing to do with media coverage! I was recently contacted by a high school in Madison, Wisconsin; their choir director commissioned me to arrange a choral version of my single, “Espiritu de Leon” (‘Spirit of a Lion’), which they will be performing as part of a protest to keep DACA rights for their schoolmates. I care deeply about immigrant rights, and about fans finding meaning and purpose in my songs. To me, this is a much bigger accomplishment than any music festival I’ve played or TV appearance I’ve done.

Who would you love to collaborate with and why?

I’ve been on a real Gaby Moreno kick lately. I love how her influences range from Jazz to Latin and R&B- which happen to be my biggest influences, too! I feel like we’d get each other and make some magic. Also, Sabrina Claudio. I love her ability to fuse all these genres with Pop/R&B and make it really accessible and fluid.

What is next for Karina? When can your fans see you live?

I’m already back in the studio, writing and recording the next bilingual singles. I’m also going on tour this Spring to promote this EP! Fans can follow me on Bandsintown or on Facebook to be notified when the tour dates and cities come out!