Karina Magallon and W3BZ Are Spreading Positivity With “Feel So Alive”

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Karina Magallon is a new artist and songwriter to the pop music world. Having always had a passion for the arts, she is enrolled in her final year at Belmont University, where she studies music in hopes of furthering her career as an influential musician. Karina is known for creating a sense of community among her listeners as she combines pop and Latin styles into her songs.

Karina Magallon has collaborated with DJ and producer W3BZ to release her debut single “Feel So Alive.” The song creates a magical feeling with its soft electronic melody paired with a muted trap beat. Karina shows off her natural vocal abilities with her impressive range as she hits every high note during the chorus. At this point, the beat picks up and builds up to a climax, only to drop when she exclaims her line “feel so alive.” In the next verses, the instrumental background brings the intensity level back down only to set up for the next build. Her lyrics only add to “Feel So Alive’s” vibrancy as she sings about living to her fullest potential with her special someone. Karina Magallon emanates passion and fire with her vocals, while W3BZ keeps us “feeling alive” with the song’s powerful and dynamic energy.

You can listen to "Feel So Alive" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Karina Magallon! You surely wake up a fire within the listeners of “Feel So Alive!” Can you tell us about your inspiration for your lyrics?

I wrote the lyrics inspired by a special someone who makes me feel happy when I’m around him. I was feeling these intense emotions of being in love which was difficult to articulate, but, in song, it felt easy. But, really, “Feel So Alive” can be about anyone who lights up your life like a friend, your dog, your kids, and your family.

You are currently in your senior year at Belmont University studying Music. How has this educational experience benefitted your style and strengths as an artist so far?

My educational experience has given me the tools to better create music and connect with aspiring professionals. From exploring my vocal capabilities, theory and aural skills, audio production, and music arrangements, I’ve learned valuable skills that have made it easier to create songs, perform, and be a better musician. Jamie Wigginton has been a valuable professor and mentor throughout my musical journey. I’ve achieved much more control of my voice and have become more comfortable performing on stage. I’ve also improved playing instruments while singing with his help. From advising me on my single’s release, teaching me about creating an EPK, and emphasizing the use of social media for an artist career, I’ve gotten a lot of insight into the music industry and how to present myself.  His work as a music director and voice teacher has been invaluable to my growth as a musician and in pursuing my career. Not only that, but he is also always trying to help his students to reach their potential and has encouraged us to pursue our dreams and goals in life. Instead of letting life get the best of us, he tells us not to limit ourselves and look for ways to overcome obstacles. He tells us to have grit and be determined to achieve our dreams. The connections I’ve made here have been invaluable to my career. The community is welcoming and supportive of each other which I believe is key to any success.

Can you tell us about your collaboration and creative process with W3BZ, and why working together benefitted the song?

I got in contact with W3BZ through a Facebook post I made about looking to collaborate with other songwriters. When we met to create music together, we got along well and established good rapport which really helped the songwriting process. He told me that he liked producing electronic and EDM music. Interestingly enough, I had just started writing a Pop EDM song. I had already written lyrics but not yet completed the musical composition. I showed him the song and he liked it. Then, we started building the song from there. We met in his dorm room which he converted into a studio. The key to our collaboration was that we were both respectful and open to each other’s ideas. I created all the vocal melodies and lyrics but we created the music composition together. I created and played the bubbly sounding synths. Most of the basses you hear and the music composition in the breakdown were part of his creativity. I had an idea of adding castanets to the song, so, together we created the rhythms for the castanets in the song and the Latin bass rhythm in the verses. Working with him was an in sync musical collaboration. The teamwork we had made the songwriting process very enjoyable.

You created a music video to “Feel So Alive” by asking community members to send clips of positive moments during the pandemic! Can you tell us more about your idea for this video, and how you have been able to spread positivity through it?

We released the song not long after it was declared a pandemic and I wanted to create something that would be a positive influence in people’s lives. In brainstorming ideas for the music video, I remembered that Kelly Clarkson did a fan video for her song “Heat”. One of my friends was in the fan video, and he was so happy when he saw himself. I thought, what if I create a concept similar to that except ask people to send me short clips of happy moments during the pandemic. It could be hugging your dog, dancing, singing to my song, hanging out with your roommate, just anything that makes you happy. There is so much going on in the world and in our lives that I felt it was better to create something that could make people feel happy during this difficult time. After I uploaded it, people were sharing the video and explaining how watching it added joy into their lives. I’m so glad that my music can be used to spread positivity and bring light into people's lives.