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KARIO’s Music Video “We’re Both In Trouble Now” Tells an Isolated Story We All Need to Hear

Los Angeles based Alternative group KARIO releases their vivid music video for their breathtaking track “We’re Both In Trouble Now”. Made up of frontman KARIO and different instrumentalists from a variety of alternative bands, they've mentioned that they merged their styles together to bring a “psychedelic mash-up between Bob Dylan, Jonathan Wilson, and Alex Cameron”. Their recent gripping music video for their song “We’re Both In Trouble Now” features simplicity at its finest, while shining through with a conceptual masterpiece once given a closer look. Filmed solely by two actors/dancers in their own apartments, KARIO took the world’s current events as inspiration to create a vivid storyline that speaks volumes.

KARIO’s music video for their song “We’re Both In Trouble Now” begins with two angles side by side capturing both actors sitting at their own tables and facing each other. While the female lead’s movements look slightly off, we’ve noticed that her side of the video was impressively filmed in reverse. While the male lead gives weird and worrisome looks, wondering if they can hear each other through the call. As “We’re Both In Trouble Now” reaches the full-sounding and heartfelt instrumental, both actors perform the same fluid lyrical choreography where they’re finally in sync. KARIO’s conceptual storyline clearly captures distant love impacted by today’s events, from a reversed angle to ending off with both actors fleeing from their apartments. KARIO’s video for “We’re Both In Trouble Now” is an entire experience from beginning to end, be sure to check it out.


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