Karli June's Stomping Grounds Go "Big For A Small Town"

From her farm in Listowel, Ontario, singer-songwriter and country recording artist Karli June releases her exciting debut EP, 'Where You Come From,' featuring the anthemic single, "Big For A Small Town."

Inspired by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Kacey Musgraves, the Canadian singer-songwriter recorded her first two singles with CCMA Award-winning producer/guitarist Jason Barry, landing her a spot at Boots & Hearts. She later had the chance to perform alongside award-winning Canadian country band The Washboard Union at the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.

Well on her way to stardom from the small town of Listowel, Karli June recently released her debut EP to commemorate the journey entitled 'Where You Come From.' The anthemic outro track, "Big For A Small Town," perfectly encapsulates the project's concept that shows listeners a thing or two about how a town like that gets down.

Listening to "Big For A Small Town," the track opens with a lively and hearty country-rock instrumental that kicks the song into gear. As Karli June makes her charismatic appearance, she takes us by the hand and guides us through the town that has her heart. With no reason to party, it's clear Listowel might throw some better bangers than out here.

June mentioned, "I love music that makes me feel like I want to give life everything I have," but in an "energetic and fun" way, which is exactly what this track has to offer. The overall communal feel alongside Karli June's passionate and exciting performance is the perfect pick-me-up during these winter days.

Kick back and jam out with Karli June's new single, "Big For A Small Town," off her debut EP, 'Where You Come From,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Karli June. Congratulations on releasing your debut EP, 'Where You Come From.' What inspired you to create a project about your roots?

Thank you! The most important thing to me as an artist is authenticity. This album is truly little pieces of who I am, put together into 6 songs. The people and places who make me, me.

Speaking to the outro track, "Big For A Small Town," how does this track stand out for you from the other five on the EP?

It’s such a fun song - and it’s also the song on the record that I am the only writer on! The lyrics are literally about my hometown - it’s on the way to the beach, we are really known for our hockey team, and we do tend to get a little crazy when we all come together!

Why did you choose to place "Big For A Small Town" as the final track of the EP? Does this song close the project on a more positive and energetic note?

Absolutely. It's the most “party track” on the record. It finishes as a celebration of where I am from!

Would you say this debut EP is helpful for new listeners wanting to get to know you better? What other themes are explored throughout 'Where You Come From?'

This album is a little bit of each part of who I am. It’s my stories and challenges of life that have taught me valuable lessons. It’s where I am from, and the places and people who have helped me grow into who I am. It’s truly where you come from.