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Kasey Rios Releases His Highly Anticipated Album “Tyre”

Kasey Rios is a total force the R&B/Hip Hop world! Originating from San Bernardino, California, Kasey Rios moved to Lebanon in 2000 where he began tp teach himself how to sing and write music at the age of six. In high school, Kasey met local Hip Hop and recording artist B.A.D and together they began collaborating and making hits. Their music was praised and recognized by locals and their peers for its clever use of western melody and political topics, usually circling issues of poverty, governmental neglect, loss and passion evident in their hometown. Kasey Rios has significant amount of music influences who helped curate his style ranging all the way from the oldies like Michael Jackson, 2pac, and Sade to the recent legends in their own way; Chris Brown, Will Smith etc. In 2016 Kasey Rios returned to California, moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Kasey graduated from the Musicians Institute in the Independent Artist Program and began to work on his first project. Kaseys' music incorporates elements of contemporary and classic R&B and Soul with a modern Hip Hop and Trap chassis, and ranges in subjects from love, loss, connection and his experiences from a different world.

Kasey Rios released his new album titled “Tyre” and we listened to this amazing project and we were taken back with how passionate Kaseys' delivery fleshed out the melodies with a suave and smooth arrangement. Every track on “Tyre” warrants its place with the album. He gives you smooth, slowed down vibes including with his songs, “33.2705 N, 35.2038” and “Copy”. Both songs highlight the R&B aura surrounding “Tyre”, while conveying great emotion, alongside delivering us some up-tempo songs like “S.G.M.S” and “Your Itinerary”. Kasey Rios didn’t do it all on his own however. He shows the loyalty between B.A.D and Kasey runs deep as most of the songs on “Tyre” are a collaborative work of art. This is an indicator to me that the fused together styles of both artists and their natural friendship creates a project that’s overwhelmingly refreshing and magical! A song on "Tyre" that captured my attention the most was the song titled “Wave”. As a personal fan of R&B music, I know the sensation I feel from listening to certain love bops that make you think of a special someone. “Wave” sends the perfect shock through your body that will have you subconsciously remembering that special someone. The textured lyrics flow beautifully like a river with Kasey transporting vocals just floats like a duck on top of the smooth, silk like fluid beat. “Focus" is a song you need to listen to! It's a song that feels extremely raw, uncut and vulnerable. You become enticed by the intense passionate delivery and heart-rendering tone in Kasey’s vocals. The featured artists on this track are Geebz and of course, B.A.D. together they gave us a harmonic and poignant record. Expect the unexpected with this album because as soon as "I Told You” comes on you’re unpredictably stunned by the light dance-hall vibe it gives. From the “Layover” introduction, to the “Coast 2 Coast” appendix, “Tyre” is an all around incredible album. The combination of lo-fi love bops and enticing superb production makes for a strong album!

Listen to the brand new album "Tyre" here and check out our exclusive interview with Kasey Rios below!

Hi Kasey! We're so happy to have you back at BuzzMusic! Have you noticed any major differences between your early releases compared to your releases now?

Yeah definitely, I would say they're more focused, honest. I think a part of me when I was younger stayed denying certain aspects of myself and my life which showed in my music, I feel now I am in a better place, a more centered place with my communication and acceptance at least, and it translates a lot better in my music. I guess it just grew up a bit.

Tell us a quick overview about your album “Tyre” how would you personally describe this project?

Tyre is the first installment in a couple more projects I am coming out with later in the year, it's the origin point of this little story I'm letting people in on, and it's really a mini biopic of Kasey Rios' more recent years. It discusses a few things ranging from where I come from, to leaving there and what it meant to me, the changes I've made since leaving and that leaks into other aspects like love, relationships, wants and needs, which are all present throughout Tyre. There are little clues and lead ups to where it ends up which is cool and fun to do as an artist. Its definitely a fun record to get into, stylistically its quite versatile so there's a little something for everyone, if narrative isn't your forte.

Do you have any personal favorites off this album? If so which and why?

Personally I love the record, obviously its my record not to sound conceited lol, but yeah a couple of them I do revere a little deeper than the rest and I think it's the records that are more specific and based off of direct events or feelings I hold close. So probably songs like "Focus", which was written as a message to and inspired by people I've met, or others that may be a little short on having faith because of certain loss or whatever they're going through that hurts them, its a shoulder I'm lending because I understand it too, and I'm there for you. Or "2AM", which is kind of an admittance of feelings for someone in your life and a step to let them know you're down for them but not in the high school "do you like me, check yes" kind of way no, it's more grown up. "Coast 2 Coast" is one as well, I love being in Malibu it really is a place I find myself able to heal in, and with this record I wanted to embody that for anyone listening that needs to find their own Malibu, and to heal.

Some of these songs like “Focus” has strong emotional conviction behind it. What inspired you to write these heart-rending songs on “Tyre”?

Well like I was kind of brushing over above, songs like Focus were made to be a confidant, an understanding, maybe an inspiration to anyone who needed reminding to hold onto their faith, faith in love, making it out ok, growth, all the stages of life we find painful and become crippled by sometimes. I've seen it on people I love and care about, as well as been through it myself and I wanted these records to help heal you, which is pretty much the consensus of these albums.

What can we expect from you through 2019?

More music. I've got another album already on the way, its in the final recording phase, its the second part of this trilogy. And hopefully the third later on this year as well, it's quite a hefty discography from me this year lol, I've worked on about 60 songs for these records and plan to have them all out. Plans for some shows as well in LA are being drawn up so we can enjoy these records live and together, as well as some custom merchandise lines and some collaborations. Keep an ear out for your boy Kasey Rios, we'll be around. Thanks for having me a second time, I appreciate you guys here at Buzz Music.


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