Kat Spina Puts Her Own Spin on Mariah Carey's Classic Hit, "Make It Happen"

The Westchester and New York-based Singer/Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Educator Kat Spina returns with a lively and groovy rendition of Mariah Carey's classic, "Make It Happen."

We've seen the likes of Kat Spina gracefully come and go over the past year, and we must note that each time around, we're highly impressed with each unique creative endeavor she delves into. 

With her recent cover of "Make It Happen," Kat Spina mentioned that she chose to recreate the song due to its inspiring message surrounding the manifestation of our visions and facing adversity to overcome internal fears and doubts.  "Make It Happen" opens with plucky and rhythmic electric guitar and Kat Spina's breathy background vocals. As the intoxicating Alt-Pop beat kicks in, we're impressed with the Alternative ambiance that Kat Spina has infused into the song's instrumentation, ultimately making the song her own while still doing Ms. Carey justice.

We love the soul that Kat Spina delivers within the song's lyricism of digging deeper to reach our goals. The cover also gives a sweet ode to the uplifting R&B tone that the original song offers through Kat Spina's unique interpretation of Alt-Pop blended with R&B. With an uplifting feature from Shaka The King, his verse adds heightened modernity with the help of supporting Hip-Hop/R&B production and his equally inspiring bars. 

The overall cover of Mariah Carey's "Make It Happen" gives listeners a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Yet, Kat Spina does a complete 180 and rearranges the track to exude her natural charm and warmth through rhythmic Alt-Pop and R&B production/instrumentation.

Listen to "Make It Happen" here.  


We always appreciate a unique rendition of a classic song, and "Make It Happen" is nothing short of greatness. What initially pulled you in the direction of Mariah Carey's music to create a cover?

First: THANK YOU! I grew up listening to Mariah’s records. She was (and will remain) a true source of inspiration and motivation to me - a steadfast fan since Vision of Love! Her self-titled debut album was my first CD. I performed a stripped-down version of this song at my concert last year and knew it was going to evolve into something special and meaningful on many levels. 

Seeing as your cover of "Make It Happen" was produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer Brian Forbes, how did he help execute the vision you had in mind for the song's sonic atmosphere?

We played this acoustically for many months in preparation for my concert. When I got back into the studio in late 2019, I actually was considering other cover songs by a variety of artists. But, I kept coming back to this song. My producer (Brian Forbes) is always encouraging me to dig deeper and tap into that inner child we are unencumbered and willing to take risks. Mariah's material is a risk! Selecting this song as my next single comes from a place of honoring Mariah’s powerful lyric and adding my own elements as an artist to ignite this song from a new place of resonation. 

Why did you want to liven up the cover "Make It Happen" with a unique Hip-Hop feature from Shaka The King? Also, seeing as this was your first collaboration, what was the process like for you? 

For a while - that section hosted a guitar solo - it was cool and sounded great. But, it's been a goal of mine to collaborate! I interviewed Shaka the King for my podcast in April, and when I discovered he was getting back into his music again, I simply "put it out there" and said, maybe we'll join forces someday. That day came soon! I thought that guitar solo wasn't engaging... the story needed more and he brought it together with his verse.

Was "Make It Happen" the first cover you've released? Might you continue creating covers in the future and putting your own 'Spina' on them?

Actually, my last cover was in 2013 from my Chasing Shadows EP - U2's pride "In the Name of Love." Arranging covers is something I'd like to do more of in 2021! Putting my 'Spina' on them is always about honoring the integrity and singing the song from my heart. 

What's next for you?

I've been spending time working on the music video for MAKE IT HAPPEN. Along with releasing 2 more singles this year. I'm also back collaborating with my 'Chasing Shadows' EP songwriting partner, Janice Fitzgerald on some new material before getting back to Brooklyn to work with Brian. I'm very excited about my podcast series "Engaging The Muse'' where I interview a variety of guests about their process, creativity, and their journey.