Kate Magdalena Showcases Her Touching Single “Back Story”

Kate Magdalena is a San Francisco based Folk artist whose music tells the emotional stories of life. Kate Magdalena has a voice that truly moves the listener and brings immense joy and healing.

Recently, Kate Magdalena has released her incredibly heartfelt single “Back Story” and it just might make you cry - we sure did. There is a deep personal intimate touch that makes us suddenly feel lost away in our dreams. There are fascinating lullaby elements within "Back Sory" in addition to Kate's classic folk soundings. Beautifully fused together to create a dynamic storytelling experience of how every story has a meaning behind it; something we don’t often think about but is always true. “Back Story” features a calm acoustic guitar, a beautiful string quartet, a snazzy electric guitar, drums that sparkle and of course Kate Magdalena's enchanting vocals that will easily take you and put you into a calm trance. We are absolutely thrilled by this release and can’t wait to hear what releases Kate Magdalena has planned for the rest of the year.

Listen to "Back Story" by Kate Magdalena, here.

Welcome to Buzz Music Kate Magdalena! Your latest single “BackStory” is incredibly beautiful. What had inspired the songwriting in this song? Is this song a message for someone specific?

This song was really written for the people of this nation, for Americans. I have felt for some time that we have not been hearing the truth from our government about many important things. This song may sound a bit like a lullaby, but it's actually to awaken listeners to the BackStory behind the story that we hear on the news. Much of what we experience is planned by a group of controllers I like to call the global cabal. This song is about them, and their writing of our story, and our history too. The song brings up the real example of the stories we were told about Iraq in order to justify invading them in 2003, stories that were untrue, and for which a million Iraqis died.

The overall sound of this record is a gorgeous blend between a Folk tune and a lullaby. What had made you come to this end decision of instrumentation and vibe? What was the recording process like for this?

I had first recorded this song on my first album "Acquainted With the Night" which I released in 2018. I really liked this song, but both my producer Bill Smiley and I agreed that it needed some tweaking, which is rewriting. I wrote a chorus for the song to give it more dimension and recorded the new version with the Nashville musicians who just did their magic. Then my producer Billy Smiley finds the best arrangement, and finally, the mix is carefully crafted to bring in those lush sounds by one of the best mixers in the business, Billy Whittington of Franklin, TN. It was such a pleasure to cut a record there!

It’s really touching to know that your voice is able to bring healing and joy to listeners, when did you first discover this? Is there one thing that you do that you enjoy doing above all others? Whether it’s playing for people, writing, etc.

Above all things, I love to record vocal tracks in the studio. Second to that is performing live with a really good band. Finally, probably better than both of those is writing a song...

As far as knowing the effect my voice has on others, first of all, I should say that I believe that everything we have been given that is good or beautiful is from God. Therefore, my voice and any other talents are from Him (Her). As far as the effect my voice has, I have been told that it is healing, but honestly, I would love to have a lot more chances to find out! I do sense though that this is the case by the effect on listeners.

Coming from your birth era, there are some incredible icons that are simply inspirational. What about some of your influences, make them influence you? What is it you think you bring to the table that’s different from everyone else?

I am a living time capsule! Truthfully, I am trying to leverage my age because hopefully, it brings some measure of wisdom and experience; besides not many of my generation still have their full vocal power, so I consider myself blessed. I cut my teeth on the Beatles, Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, as well as the musical theater tunes of Broadway. My own music is inspired by those melodies, with rhythms ranging from pop to folk ballads, about topics that matter to our world, our shared future, and our personal humanity. I'm a natural poet, have studied poetry, and use poems in my songwriting. My music is really here to help the world! I'm inspired to carry on the folk tradition of the '60s with a contemporary twist.