Kaylee Patterson Bleeds Emotion on Latest Single "Other Side"

On her 2020 single "Other Side," Kaylee Patterson layers her emotions of reprisal. She interjects them amongst love-sick notions in a way that strikes like an improvised passage from the privacy of her bedroom. Composer and love-sick artist Kaylee Patterson is not so inclined toward big crashes and sundering crescendos in her music.

Her productions tread more on delicate symmetry and multicolored melancholy, articulating like an amalgamation of synchronized harmonious vocals. It's all intimate in how the warm space surrounding the way "Other Side" is toyed with, carrying a sense of weightlessness as the mascarade of synthesizer pads flourish in the backdrop. Everything flows together like puzzle pieces slipping into place. The most playful accessories found here are the sparkling guitars and the flamboyant bassline that gives a sound of swagger, and its jovial coloration amongst its melancholic hymns.

"Other Side" fastens down on us with mainly the same themes found in most indie-pop, but here Kaylee extends into more expansive territory with her homogenous and unique disposition. That statement shouldn't supervise the way you marvel over "Other Side," but it does afford you a useful trope for the way it smoothes its way into your hearts gradually, before darting forward with a punitive fervor over this journey.

Kaylee Patterson's voice is bolstered nominally, with barely any reverb, giving her performance a more up-front and ear whispering quality. It soon settles into an obbligato type scenario, allowing a series of her harmonies an opportunity to cleanse the air as her euphonies to take flight for the choruses. Catchy, pleasant, and over in less than three minutes to the second, it's this Independent artist freshest take on contemporary pop music as she imparts her own shade of despondence on the subject of love.

What's the story behind your six-year toxic relationship, and how did this song benefit in its figure from that specific experience in your life, if at all?

My first relationship was very hard for me. I started dating someone when I was 15 and ended up isolating myself from every friendship I had because I didn't think I needed anyone else. He was my everything. I was too young to realize that my own worth was not based on what he thought of me. I wanted to run away but I was stuck, made to believe that I wouldn't ever find anybody else. That he was the only one who would ever love me. Other Side was the first song I ever wrote about running away from it and not hurting anymore. It took me a few years to finally gain the courage to run away, even though I had already done so in my music.

As an artist from Montreal, do you believe the east coast has imparted its own unique influence on your music and writing?

As a Montreal musician, I've been very inspired by Leonard Cohen and his way of conveying compelling stories through his very visual style of songwriting. I grew up listening to him, dancing to his songs, and walking through his neighborhood, when others my age would be listening to more mainstream artists. Most of my songs actually make their start as poems and grow from there, similarly to Cohen. Otherwise, another huge inspiration of mine would be Lana Del Rey. Her dreamy vocal style and her lyrics about love and heartbreak have absolutely impacted my own music.

If you could make sure that anyone who listens to your music is left with one resounding message, what would you endeavor for that message to be and why?

Even if one person listens to my music, I want them to know that they don't have to be unhappy in a relationship. The number one reason people don't actively engage in life is fear, and I've been there. We don't have to hurt anymore. It's okay to be happy! You owe it to yourself. 

Can we expect more music from you before the summer formally transitions into autumn?

More music is absolutely coming very shortly!

What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next from you?

This year has been extremely hard for the whole world. Instead of shutting down, which is a very valid response, I decided that there was no better time to start producing songs to keep busy. I had around 15 songs just sitting around and nothing else to do but music. 

I'm actually releasing my next single "Over You" on September 4th, which I'm super excited about. I don't have a release date for my EP yet, but definitely sometime in the early fall.