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“Keep Up” With Josh Roberts And His Lively Tunes

Oklahoma City-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Josh Roberts tells us to get with it and "Keep Up" in his exciting and groovy single.

Roberts spent most of his time traveling the country, performing solo and as a backing musician for Brynn Marie, taking him to venues like the Greek Theater here in LA, The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Moody Theater in Austin, and many more. Soon, Roberts will release his latest project in pieces, song by song, and we're definitely excited to see where the 6-track project takes us.

For the time being, we're rocking out to his anthemic and fiery hit, "Keep Up." With exciting lyrical content and a well-rounded pop-rock instrumental, Josh Roberts takes the song's energy to the max with his confident and poised performance. If his forthcoming 6-track project is anything like this song, there's no doubt we're in for a treat.

Diving into the lively single, "Keep Up," we're greeted with a groovy bass lick and steady, midtempo kicks and snaps, upping the song's allure and appeal. As Josh Roberts makes his mysterious and airy vocal appearance, he expands on feeling like the best version of himself while bursting with the utmost confidence.

As we move over to the funky hook, the tambourine comes in to spice up the sonic foreground while Josh Roberts reminds us to get with it and "Keep Up" with what's going down. His rhythmic and charismatic performance in this track is top tier, and with releases like this, we're sure Josh Roberts will be a household name sooner than later.

"Keep Up" and get down with Josh Roberts' exhilarating single on all digital streaming platforms, and stay up to date with the Oklahoma-based recording artist as he begins to release his new 6-track project.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Josh Roberts. We admire the natural charisma and confidence you've brought to your exciting single, "Keep Up." What inspired you to create such an anthemic and high-energy track?

"Keep Up" kind of started out from just vibing on some musical ideas with my co-writer (Josh Gabbard). And for the video, my videographer (Chris Clark) and I had a couple of looks we both liked. Both evolved while just diving into it and addressing ideas as they came. That's one of my favorite parts of the creative process.

What sort of genres do you usually dabble in when creating your music? Where would you say "Keep Up" lies on the genre spectrum?

I always seem to gravitate to a pop vibe. Hints of others hopefully make their way in as they will. I like the idea of not being too tied down to just one genre. I think some of the best songs and artists lean in and out of different genres and find ways to make them live together in a cool way. 'Keep Up' fits into that soulful-pop vibe. We tried to portray that in the video as well.

Did you work alongside any musicians or producers when creating "Keep Up?" What was that process like?

The song was co-written with my friend Josh Gabbard in Nashville. Another Nashville talent, Bobby Brinker, is behind the production and instrumentation you hear on the final product. The video was shot and put together by Chris Clark with Dominant Productions in Oklahoma City. I loved Chris' ideas and how he allowed the whole process to be so easy for me. It allowed me to loosen up and just live in the song during the shoot.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming 6-track project that you're releasing piece by piece? Is there a certain theme or concept within these six songs?

All six songs have been released. Each of the songs is special to me in one way or another, but I love how they all pull at different emotions. Putting together and releasing this music video for "Keep Up" is a bonus for me on this project. And I'm very excited to have a visual element to compliment one of the songs.

What's next for you, Josh?

I've been testing a handful of unreleased songs at live shows and sporadic live stream sets and will be looking to record the next single this year. And who knows, maybe a live performance video. All of the latest updates and news can be found at or on social media (


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