Keep Your Ears Peeled For I.K.P's Heated Single, "Boiler Room"

The Brooklyn-born, Virginia-based hip-hop artist, rapper, and producer I.K.P announces the release of his forthcoming single, "Boiler Room," off of his 15-track album, '11:11 | eleven eleven.'

Honing his performance and recording abilities during his five-year service with the U.S.A Marine Corps led I.K.P down a necessary creative path. With highly conceptual and in-depth lyrical tracks, I.K.P has received vast recognition and nominations for his acclaimed and sought-after sound.

Currently gearing up to release his sweltering single, "Boiler Room," the track itself can be found on his recent LP, '11:11 | eleven eleven.' After taking a private listen to the track, "Boiler Room" hits our speakers with immense dominance and thorough lyrical concepts while I.K.P swoons us with his unique vocal delivery and rhythmic approach.

While the sonics offer more of a downtempo and nostalgic blues vibe, I.K.P comes through to deliver his nostalgic ode to old-school hip-hop merged with contemporary sonics and powerhouse production.

Don't miss out on the release of I.K.P's forthcoming single, "Boiler Room," soon to be available on all digital streaming platforms.

Get a preview of the song, here.