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Keicon Flows Effortlessly in His Brand New Single “Runnin”

Keicon returns with a soulful single titled "Running," paired with a beautifully done music video displaying more of his visual creativity.

Keicon, a contemporary and Gospel singer from Virginia, has drawn much of his musical inspiration from Mali Music, PJ Morton, and many more. Releasing his first single in 2014 and being a semi-quarter-finalist on "Season 8 of America's Got Talent," the talented Keicon aims for the stars. In 2019 he released an EP and two fresh new singles in 2022, proceeding with his latest EP, "Friday Night Before Church," picking up heavy momentum for the young legend.

Bringing back the vibe from 90's R&B and soulfulness, Keicon expresses his vocal ability throughout this banger. A blast from the past, the overwhelming vibes of nostalgia, and the lyrical approach all helped this become a masterpiece! The music video visually displays the 90's aesthetic, boosting nostalgia and being a time machine for those who grew up in that era.

"Runnin" opens with the classic sound, emotional piano chords, and an angelic entrance by Keicon, flowing and taking us away with his breath-taking talent. "I can't stay here; this path leads to destruction" is the opening line, putting his foot down emotionally and standing up for his well-being. So often, we get caught in a predicament of whether to stay in a toxic environment or leave and heal. Trying to escape his desires and thoughts about their love together, he still finds himself "Runnin" back to her.

Painting and oh so-vivid picture of a toxic relationship, a relationship that could be the end of him if he continues down this path with her. Not being with her and the feelings he felt when alone was enough for him to change his mind. Loving unconditionally, Keicon releases a massive amount of heartache, confusion, and real love throughout this amazing record; definitely a record to be played on your Sunday mornings!

Make sure to stream and support Keicon in his latest nostalgic release, "Runnin," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Keicon. We're feeling ready to take a leap of faith after listening to your new single, "Runnin". What inspired you to create such a motivational and nostalgic tune?

Being a child of the 90s, I wanted to create a project that felt like the summertime while sharing a message of overcoming hardships in this journey of life and running towards the power of possibility. “Runnin” is the second record on my EP “Friday Night Before Church,” co-written with Singer / Songwriter Twylia Jackson. I wanted “Runnin” to feel good and provide a flash-back moment for my generation to remember the golden years of R&B while introducing to the next generation what R&B sounded and felt like in its golden years.

Could you expand on your songwriting process for "Runnin"? Do you face any difficult moments when writing such emotional lyrics?

When I write a song, I turn my voice memos on, close my eyes, feel the music, and I start humming notes and melodies. I try to feel what the song is saying. Once the song is over, I play back the voice memo and place words overtop my hummed notes, and eventually, words become lyrics. For Runnin, I immediately heard the words "I'm running back to you," and from that, I wrote from the perspective of the prodigal son. Now there are times when it can be difficult for me to be vulnerable on the track. But thankfully, with “Runnin”, I was able to tap into a more poetic, vulnerable, and reflective stance.

What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience with "Runnin?" What do you hope the single does for them?

Not only do I want the listeners to feel good and think back to the golden years of that R&B sound, but I also want people to receive and understand the message of overcoming and running towards a higher power. Like anything you put your mind to, you can do, and it’s never too late to turn back to Christ because he truly is the answer, and he knows what's best for us at the end of the day. We as individuals just have to make a decision to turn from the things that we know aren’t right for us personally and allow the love of christ to transform and renew our hearts and mind.

Who helped create the starry music video for "Runnin?"

The music video for “Runnin” was shot and directed by the great team over at Cinemabandits. Rudy And Ann really brought my vision to life. I wanted the music video to feel like it belonged in the 90s while paying homage to the way R&B music videos were shot, styled, and edited in its golden years. For inspiration, we looked at Videos from Dru Hill, Jodeci, Bobby Brown, and Boys II Men. The video took a few months of planning and about 6 hours of straight fun and nostalgia-hot filming. Looking at the final product, I am super happy that my vision came to life. We had so much fun making that video!

What's next for you?

I’ll be releasing a live performance of “Runnin” this week. I have two more music videos that are on the way. I’m currently in rehearsals for a virtual Concert that will be released soon. I've been in the studio working on new music all while planning and preparing for a Virtual world tour! At this point in my life and “music Career,” I’m just excited to see my vision and dreams come to pass right in front of my eyes. I'm forever humbled and honored to use my gift as a mouthpiece for a better tomorrow, hope, and love. And a huge shoutout to my team because they make sure I stay consistent in today's market.

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