Kendra Erika Follows Up Her Billboard Top 10 With New Single “Break The Wheel”!


Breaking into the Billboard top 10 is not an easy task for anyone and today, we are listening to Kendra Erika - the chart crushing electric Pop artist from Florida and her new song “Break The Wheel”

Musically, “Break The Wheel” is a banger, perfectly fusing Deep House and Pop sounds to make something great and unique. If I could compare to one other artist, I would say there is a hint of a Dua Lipa influence, but also not in an identical way. The vocal melodies are absolutely infectious, so please be careful! This song is the type to take over and be stuck in your head hours and hours after listening to it. Lyrically, Kendra Erika explains in the chorus and she is “so over it” and wants to “break away”. If I could guess, it sounds like she is getting past a toxic situation in her life, and we support her through it. The line about being “so over it” is repeated a lot, which is part of what helps the song being stuck in your head all day. Almost to the point where you wonder why the song wasn’t just called “so over it”. All in all, fantastic song if Deep House and Pop are your thing! Her vocal performance is stunning and the song is genius. Do yourself a favor and listen to “Break The Wheel” today!

You can access Kendra Erika's "Break The Wheel" here.

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