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Kenna Sings of a Deeper Meaning Within Her Latest Single, "Static"

Hailing from Nashville, the dreamy Alt-Pop artist, and Singer/Songwriter Kenna releases her celestial single and music video, "Static."

Using her platform to speak on social injustices, Kenna empowers listeners to be themselves unapologetically through her music inspired by life experiences and the power of healing through sound.

As an LGBTQIA+ identifying artist, Kenna clarifies that her music will naturally intrigue listeners to find the strength within and stand firm in who they are. 

With her latest single "Static," Kenna takes listeners through a modern-day blend of Fleetwood Mac and MUNA, with a daydream atmosphere that transports us into the celestials with each beat. Not to mention Kenna's beautifully engaging vocals, her delicate delivery brings us deep into the song's concept. 

"Static" begins with Kenna's reflective lyricism while she elegantly sings about trusting the process of healing and finding a place where she feels comfortable.

The supporting instrumentals deliver this highly nostalgic synth that takes us back to the early 2000s, while Kenna's vocals bring us into a simpler time with a natural and organic delivery. She begins to sing a more positive and optimistic outlook that depicts a worthwhile wait for abundance to follow. 

With such a beautiful release that brings a sound message of keeping optimism and hope, Kenna's latest single "Static" reminds us of patience while sending us amongst the stars with the instrumental's ambiance.

We can't get enough of the warm atmosphere you've delivered with your single, "Static." What inspired you to write a song regarding the healing process and staying optimistic about the future?

Wow, thank you so much! I wrote this song with Jake Ohlbaum and Jared Anderson back in May of this year. We actually wrote this song over Zoom and had a long conversation about how we’ve been feeling, with the current climate of this year. I think it really makes sense to feel so stuck in this moment of pain and grief, to feel stunted by helplessness and hopelessness. I’ve begun to realize though if I don’t look up, I miss out on a lot. I miss out on the grocery store employee smiling at me (just an eye smile through the mask, of course), I miss out on laughing with a friend over FaceTime, and the sun and soft breeze on my face. Even amidst this struggle right here, I’m learning the lesson that I can still hold both beauty and pain simultaneously. It’s part of the human experience. We’re complex beings! Beauty is essential for survival. Hope is essential for moving forward.

Within your single "Static," how did you create your instrumentals to be incredibly memorable and catchy? Did you team up with any Producers for the track's sonics?

Yes! Jake started riffing on that main synth line with his keyboard and it all flowed so easy from there. We all work really well together and it's so fun to be in the process together, bouncing ideas off of each other, even over Zoom! Jared Anderson, who wrote it with me, is also my producer. We’ve worked together for just about 8 years now. He’s a musical sound genius and is behind the beautiful sonics of “Static”.

We can hear this retro-inspired approach through your sonics within "Static." Would you say this is a typical instrumental approach for you? 

This is actually a pretty new sound for me to be putting out into the world! This is definitely not something we’ve done before but I had such a good time experimenting with this sound. I’d say my songs coming out over the next year are not all this straight-ahead 80’s, but they do have some 80’s inspired synths because it's just so fun to use that vibe. Our approach has always been to combine organic-sounding instruments with pop/synth-based music. A lot of what you’ll hear in the future centers around that idea ;) We've heard that you're incredibly passionate about using your platform to bring awareness to social justice issues at large. Could you enlighten us on how you go about this? I think it’s so important to use music as a platform and vehicle for moving forward. Music has always been a tool for political and social change. We, as artists, have to use our voices and our art to bring meaning and healing to our listeners, but we also have to bring them into the conversation about the reality of what’s happening in our country and world at large. We have to recognize the ways we can take part and be a part of making something better for all of us. Right now, COVID has brought to light how broken our system is, and how many folks it has left behind for hundreds of years. Though I certainly can’t fix everything, I hope that my art can bring a moment of peace to my listeners so that they can continue to show up for themselves. When we can show up for ourselves, we can better show up for the community at large, use our voices and support movements like Black Lives Matter, for indigenous folks, for folks with disabilities, for members of the LGBQIA+ community, and all other marginalized communities. I identify as a member of the queer community and sometimes I think back on my 16-year-old self, grappling with her sexuality and trying to figure out what it means. If I listened to a musician that was open and willing to be honest with being queer, it would’ve meant the world to me to see representation like that. Representation matters, our voices matter, and our art matters. My intention is to always write how I’m feeling. I know if I feel that way, someone else probably does too and maybe they will feel less alone. What has been keeping you inspired this year? Nature, music, journaling, silence, my dog, rest, my girlfriend Alexis. I’m trying to lean into the moment because I know it’s all I’ll ever have. Even though the moment we’re in is scary and uncertain, I’ve learned that I can’t run away from right now. I’m inspired by the hope that maybe one-day things can get better. I’m making room for hope every day, even when it feels unknown.





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