Kennedy Madison Encourages Good Vibes Only With “Kill That Noise”

Kennedy Madison is a talented singer/songwriter, dancer and notable actress, known for Seize the Moment (2016) and Teens Wanna Know (2012). Making waves in the music industry and proving herself to be a triple threat. Through her infectious pop anthems and on-point lyrics, she’ll have you singing along to each one of her hits.

Representing perfectly good vibes and free-flowing energy, “Kill That Noise” is an aptly titled and quickly likable new single. It fuses the familiar bounce of pop with a subtly unique vocal, a sense of identity that sets Kennedy Madison apart in today’s music scene. “Kill That Noise” introduces a partly nostalgic ambiance and melody, the sort that takes you back to the good old summer days. Kennedy’s lead vocals are cleverly and smoothly embedded within “Kill That Noise”. Adding instrumental value as well as a clear hit of personality and recognizable tone. There’s a depth to her vocal presentation that seems quite rare. “Kill That Noise” works hard structurally, and Kennedy works equally hard to maintain that level of smooth and simple good times. The song is optimistic and empowering, showcasing Kennedy Madison’s talent as a powerhouse artist.

Check out “Kill That Noise” here and keep scrolling for more with the talented Kennedy Madison!

Hey Kennedy! Have you always been heavily interested in the arts? When did you get started making music? 

Yes ...Been a passion of mine since I was a very young age ...started out in the pageant world , then moved on to theater/ Broadway (was in a New York directed production of “Les Mis” as little Eponine) and as well as a local conservatory Theatre ensemble.... then went on to began my musical career from there.

We’re loving your song “Kill That Noise ”! What was the main concept behind this project?

Mainly the concepts of all my music are against bullying/hate...”Kill that Noise” is as well ... basically sending the message “Don’t listen to what other people say/think, be confident- “you do you”... just kill that noise!!!

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

Honestly I hope they take in these lyrics -listen to the positive vibe, anti 

-bullying message the dope track and dance beats( I’m always dancing- lol !)

Did you hone your vocal style over time or have you always had a natural ability to sing?

Always have been a singer (family members all sing as well) love the energy in music. Been blessed with a passion and talent to sing- Never take it for granted...always perfecting and educating myself to strive to own my craft.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward? What’s next for you?

Actually have a new song soon to be released-“Heartbreaker “ that is an original, entirely written by me ... my first (so proud to release) 

Continue to strive forward in my music career as well as my modeling/ acting/ dancing and always staying positive -educating myself and others on anti- bullying and continue educating/ perfecting my passion/ crafts.