Kennedy Madison Is Breaking Hearts With Her New Release

Kennedy Madison recently released “Heart Breaker” and this pop-driven hit will leave you mesmerized. When watching the video for “Heart Breaker”, Kennedy Madison emotes her lyrics through a playful visual that was as charismatic as the song. “Heart Breaker” will resonate well with the current market of music. The intoxicating energy in “Heartbreaker” is enough to have our attention while Kennedy Madison’s augmented vocal resonance delivered the melodies with a piercing projection. The bridge in “Heart Breaker” showcases Kennedy Madison’s ability to demonstrate vulnerability with her emotional change in dynamic.

“Heart Breaker” was a fun sculptural of how pop music should sound in this new decade of the twenties. Kennedy Madison is equipped with great musicality. With Broadway experience, she knows exactly how to demonstrate passion while having fun doing so. “Heart Breaker” was an edgy single with a bit of a rebellious vibe. Kennedy Madison has the exact star appeal that’s needed in mainstream Pop music today. Pop music has just been redefined, and Kennedy Madison has just shown everyone that she’s here and isn’t going anywhere.

Listen to “Heart Breaker” here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Kennedy Madison! How has your Broadway experience impacted your music and artistry today?

I loved every minute of my Broadway theatre experience. I would strongly say that has impacted my life a lot when it comes to what I do now. I’ve learned so much and I’ve taken those learned lessons and carried them with me to this day.

We really enjoyed listening to your new single “Heart Breaker”. What’s the theme behind this song?

The theme behind this song is definitely a heartbreak. Nothing crazy but it’s the usual teenage girl heartache that we all go through. I wrote this song myself and I’m really proud of it. The lyrics, the melody, the way it turned out and especially people’s reactions to it. Hearing people say they love my music keeps me happy and my heart warm.

What inspired you to write “Heartbreaker “?

They say the best songwriters write when they actually have something to write about whether that’s happiness, pain, or just an old story that someone’s experienced. I think the best songs come from the heart and real-life situations.

What's next for you through 2020?

I can’t give too much information but I will say new music is coming soon and I can’t wait for everyone to know about it.