Kevin Cartoon Proves That He Is No Cookie Cutter In, "Run It Back"

Houston-born Songwriter, Kevin Cartoon is known for his wide range of concepts and rhyme schemes

Kevin Cartoon carries his talents in record-breaking ways, holding the Guinness World Record for the longest recorded cypher in collaboration with Barron Studios in Houston, Texas, in addition to a feat like that, he has also performed at the official Colorado 420 rally, opened for Ice Cube, and played 2 sold-out venues in Denver, Colorado. Kevin Cartoon is no stranger to the spotlight.

In his smooth as butter single, “Run It Back,” Kevin Cartoon blazes listeners in the unique sizzle that only a flame from this emerging Hip-hop artist can bring to his audience. In the prevailing and self-assured ambiance that oozes from this single, we’re immersed in the influential swagger that Kevin Cartoon addresses in such an effortless manner.

The swaying creative components in the production quality has this song residing in the penthouse suite of everything superior. The quick-witted mindset that pushes Kevin Cartoon away from the rest is rather impressive. He manages to manipulate a beat to fit his larger than life persona and flaunt the mastermind behind the lyrical dexterity through his weighty words in the mix.

The expressions that have us gravitating towards, “Run It Back,” truly have us wanting to click the repeat button as we zone in on what we missed the first time around. With the effects on his vocals adding grit, texture, and buoyancy, it is hard not to place Kevin Cartoon in your list of top emerging artists ready to take off.

Perfecting his craft with each release, you admire him that much more through each listen to the intoxicating single at hand as you, “Run It Back.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kevin Cartoon! Congratulations on the release of, “Run It Back.” You’re truly a wizard with the pen. How do you continue to keep your pen sharp as you provide your listeners with something different each release?

I make sure to never live in the studio, always go out and experience new things, and travel as much as possible. Step away from the music sometimes, it keeps the concepts and topics fresh.

“Run It Back,” puts forth undeniable confidence. What story inspired the creation of this song?

I was at a place where I felt like I was being overlooked as an artist, by people who I wanted as peers. I felt like a lot of people knew my name, but they didn't know me, or the makings of me. I am a Gemini, with two personalities and two hometowns, so I wanted my duality to be on full display. It was also a declaration that I wasn't looking for approval from those people anymore, I have knowledge of self, and I will find my village eventually.

What challenges have you faced as an artist that have only helped shape you to be where you are today?

Most artists know someone that has experience in the music industry, they can go to them for insight and advice. I didn't have anybody to go to for musical advice, that had been in the game before me. I fell in love with music from listening to it in the car with my mom and watching it on TV. It didn't help that after being born in Houston TX, I was raised in Denver CO, where there is literally zero Hip Hop industry. I had to study, research, and learn everything on my own and that comes with a lot of trial and error. I have made a lot of mistakes but every mistake has taught me a lesson to apply next time around. Doing it this way has forced me to become well rounded and knowledgeable of every aspect of the musical and business process. Now that I am here, I wouldn't want to take any other route, I feel stronger and smarter than a lot of my counterparts, giving me a competitive advantage.

As each artist is different; where do you find your creativity strike the most?

My mind is always racing in multiple directions, jumping from one thought to the next at an exhausting pace. Plus I have 3 beautiful daughters that keep me going 24 hours a day. So any place that I can find peace and quiet to sort through my thoughts and articulate them is where my creativity is at its peak. My favorite place to come up with ideas, lyrics, and concepts is in the shower by far. The aromatherapy of the soap calms me and the sound of water drowns out the outside world.

What do you want your listeners to take away from this song?

I want the listeners to notice my unusual song structure, I hope it will take them on unexpected twists and turns, like life itself. I also want the listeners to find a relatable quote or point of view in the song they can connect with. You create a true fan when you are able to make them feel like you took the words right out of their mouth. I want to give the world the most authentic version of myself, so they can feel connected to me on a personal level.