Kfir Channels Contrasting Emotions into His Music

Kfir is one of those artists who push new ideas and contrasting settings onto his listeners. In his music, Kfir pushes onto deep emotional themes while maintaining a high energy backbone that will quickly have the listeners crave more. Whether at the club, the gym, your local station, or your living room at 4 am, Kfir’s music can easily adapt to any scenario. This was something that we easily heard in his latest release “Gigolo”, it seamlessly falls in line in Kfirs versatility and shows off his exciting songwriting.

With each of Kfir’s music being a new vision, Kfir puts himself into a unique mindset during the creation of each song that allows for the purest energy from the music to rush through and allow for Kfir to express the music in every way it deserves to be. To keep us on the hype train, Kfir is planning to release a new single for the next few months before he is able to get a dance floor moving again at a show.